Test: which one ran a marathon? Guess from the photo

We all sometimes think that sports are beyond our strength, and only real athletes, dried out by exhausting training, can run a marathon. Do you think this requires a steel abs and sculpted muscles, like a fitness model? In fact, there are many completely different people among us who dare and cover the distance of 42.2 km.

With the help of this test we want to show how many different men and women next to us can set a goal for themselves run a marathon and do it. Be above stereotypes!

Remember, you can set yourself an ambitious goal too. But not everyone has to cover marathon distances. It is much more important to play sports while listening to yourself. You can start small. For example, even this season you will have time to reach the start of the half marathon My Capital , which will take place in Moscow on October 7, and choose a distance according to your strength: 3, 10 or 21.1 km. Go for it and remember that real athletes do not end their running season all year round!

Test: which one ran a marathon? Guess from the photo

My first marathon: 20 weeks of preparation

Training plan to prepare for 42 km 195 m.

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