The Rules of Squash - EXPLAINED!

Test: what do you know about squash?

It's no secret that squash is becoming more and more popular every year. In Russia, it has been developed since the early 1990s thanks to the scientist Vasily Petrovich Borisov, who got acquainted with this sport during business trips to the USA and England. In 1992, our athletes made their debut in the international arena.

This coming weekend, anyone who wishes can also take part in the competition. On October 20-21, the Moscow club will host the Moscow Open Championship - a landmark event in the world of Russian squash.

Traditionally, experienced athletes, multiple prize-winners of Russian competitions, and holders of national championship become finalists of tournaments of this level. titles. However, their rivals are no less strong players, so the struggle in the final fights is always very tense and emotional. We have talked about this sport more than once and on the eve of the tournament decided to test your knowledge of squash.

Take our test and find out if you are ready to become a worthy rival to the champion?

More about the event.

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