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Test. Sportswoman or Photoshop? Guess what is in the photo

Photos on social networks have long ceased to reflect what actually happens to people in real life. Indeed, in the pictures that we publish on the Internet, willy-nilly, we want to appear better and more successful than we really are. Some, in pursuit of a beautiful picture, do not stop at the selection of an angle and location and resort to the help of photo editors. With the help of smartphone applications, you can put yourself on a raised press, make your waist thin, and make your buttocks voluminous. Unfortunately, such tricks are easy to stumble upon, and extremely difficult to spot.

To prove it, we have compiled ten photos of slender girls. Some were left intact, while others were edited in Photoshop. Can you tell what is in front of you: the result of hard training or working in the editor? Be warned, it won't be easy!

We strongly advise you to accept and love your own body in its natural forms. And if you want to fix something, rely on the work in the gym, and not on the editor functions.

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