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Test drive your equipment: how to choose clothes for training

Even during physical education lessons at school, we are used to doing completely different sports in the same clothes. But this is the wrong approach. In order for you to feel comfortable during training, the form does not constrain your movements and does not rub, you need to learn how to select it in accordance with your goals and objectives. We spoke with the PR-manager of the Reebok brand Evgenia Prokopenya and found out what to look for when choosing equipment for different types of physical activity.

Les Mills (similar dynamic training)

What is it: a new wave that has covered many large sports clubs around the world - training Les Mills (Les Mills). Programs with this name are becoming incredibly fashionable in Russia. Les Mills is an international company that is currently the largest provider of group fitness programs. New Zealand trainers woke up famous for Body Pump, a workout that has conquered millions of people around the world.

How the training works: Each program is developed by specialists from different fields - sports, health, music. Once a season, the music and set of exercises are updated to ensure that students always have an interest in the program.

Test drive your equipment: how to choose clothes for training

Photo: Reebok

How to choose equipment: The moisture-wicking fabric will help to feel comfortable during training, and the risk of chafing with it will be minimized. Do not forget about such an important element of sports equipment as a bra-top. It must be responsive to every movement and be activated during intense exercise.

Yoga and stretching (similar low-intensity workouts)

How to choose equipment: for training choose fabrics that are stretchy and durable at a low intensity. For example, in leggings made of soft cashmere, you will feel not only comfort, but also freedom in every movement. And the durable and dense interlock fabric will not show through when pulled, so stretching will turn into a sheer pleasure.

Test drive your equipment: how to choose clothes for training

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This is a must: Well, of course, you need a seamless sports bra with thin straps that do not slip or twist, guaranteeing comfortable and stylish support even on the most challenging studio workout.


What is it: Cycling is a perky mix of bike and dance that is rapidly gaining popularity among fans of interval training at the limit of its capabilities .

Test drive your equipment: how to choose clothes for training

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How to choose equipment: it is best to choose equipment that is comfortable for you and your body, ideally leggings, tight-fitting, but not restricting movement, the top can be either free or tight. But you shouldn't feel qdiscomfort when moving. It is advisable that the clothes are moisture-wicking, as you will have to sweat a lot.

Boxing, Muay Thai

How to choose equipment: the cut of the shorts should be loose, thus guarantee a relaxed fit and complete freedom of movement. It is also important to take care of moisture removal from the surface of the body. This is where the familiar and irreplaceable Speedwick moisture removal technology comes to the rescue. The adjustable drawstring and Velcro closure ensure a comfortable fit during the most active movements, while the stylish design will accentuate your fighting spirit.

Test drive your equipment: how to choose clothes for training

Photo: Reebok

For girls, leggings with a high rise and durable, but elastic fabric are suitable. It is important that nothing distracts you from the fight, so choose a uniform with flat seams, they prevent chafing and guarantee comfort.

Cross-country challenge race

How to choose equipment : modern technologies allow you to avoid overheating and hypothermia, which means you won't catch a cold and get only positive emotions from the race. Moisture wicking prevents sudden hypothermia of the body, and fabric with ventilation and protection against overheating helps to relax after training. On the top, your jacket needs to be waterproof and windproof.

Shoe Focus: Running shoes play an important role in the race and preparation for it. Pay attention to the outsole relief: an aggressive tread pattern contributes to good grip on muddy and uneven surfaces, less aggressive terrain is suitable for running on asphalt.

Try and choose your own

By the way, try all of these you can be active this weekend, September 29 and 30, at the fitness festival Reebok. Become human on the Rowing Canal. For the whole weekend, the Krylatsky Hills will turn into an active lifestyle and outdoor recreation area for more than 10 thousand people. The organizers promise that each of the festival guests will find something to their liking.


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