We Tried Intermittent Fasting For A Month | TODAY

Test: could you lose weight in a month?

Dietitians say: Start losing weight today and in two weeks you will see the first result, and in four weeks you will achieve that your efforts will be noticed by others. In this process, it is paramount not only to build a training schedule and understand what you prefer: cardio, strength or swimming, but also to adjust your diet.

Because two main reasons for weight gain not associated with hormonal and other physiological disorders - lack of movement and improperly selected nutrition. Even healthy food delivery services are not always the right way out of the situation.

So if you have started this path to a dream figure over and over again and have been frustrated before reaching the end, take our test and try to figure it out. what exactly did you do wrong. We have prepared questions that only seem simple. We will try to explain with simple examples that losing weight does not mean starving, giving up everything that previously seemed tasty and driving yourself into a frame.

There is always a choice. Choose the right and healthy food, and let your weight loss become a process of forming new healthy habits, and not a test of strength.

How to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type

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