Regular People Try To Beat The Fastest Man In The World

Test: can you beat a marathon?

September 23, 2018 with the support of the Moscow government and the Moscow Department of Sports and Tourism, the country's main running event, the Absolute Moscow Marathon, will be held. This year, the organizers expect to see more than 30 thousand people at the start.

On the eve of this event, we have compiled a test that will help you find out if you could overcome the marathon distance. Or will you have to stop at 10 km this year? Maybe it's time to revise your training plan and consult a professional trainer? Test yourself and find out!

It doesn't matter what the test showed you today. In any case, we invite you to take part in the main running event of this season - the start of the Moscow Marathon. After all, spectator support throughout the entire distance helps athletes find strength at the same 15th, 31st or 40th km.

Learn more about the date and time of the marathon.

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