COVID-19 Update 5: Estimating case fatality rates for COVID-19

Test: can i get coronavirus? Calculating the odds

Every day, new cases of coronavirus infection are detected in Russia. The number of people infected with COVID-2019 in our country has already exceeded a thousand people. Today, more than ever, it is important to know about precautions, to take care of your own health and the condition of family and friends. In this we will be helped by the elementary rules of hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

Together with the sports doctor of the LabRehab Ibraim Chibichev rehabilitation center, we have prepared a small test that will help you find out what your chances of contracting the virus are. Of course, the results of the survey do not speak about one hundred percent probability of getting sick or being protected from infection. They will only let you know if you are doing everything right under quarantine or if you are taking a big risk.

Why did I get this result?

Composing each question, the doctor and I figured out why certain precautions are needed, which are now so often talked about. And this is what we found out.

About age and chronic diseases

In this regard, everything is simple: the younger you are, the lower the risk of infection. Even if a person aged 20-30 years old picks up the virus, it is very likely that he will easily transfer it. At risk are people who are 65 years old or more. Chronic diseases, especially hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity, can also be an aggravating factor.

About the place of residence and public places

In Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg identified the largest number of infected. That is why it is not safe to be in public places in these cities, as there is no way to maintain social distance.

Test: can i get coronavirus? Calculating the odds

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About coming from abroad

The average incubation period of the virus lasts 14 days. In some situations, it can last up to 24 days. If you were abroad a month ago and did not feel alarming symptoms, you can exclude the coronavirus factor.

About hygiene rules

You should wash your hands once an hour and handle their antiseptic solution. Moreover, the process should take from 30 seconds to two minutes. Why is there so much attention to the hands? Because we touch absolutely everything with them - this is the most contact part of our body.

It is advisable to wash products under warm running water without using an antiseptic and general agents - so that there is no poisoning. And wet cleaning should be carried out once a day so that household hygiene is maintained in the house. It is best to dispose of all waste immediately. You should also maintain an optimal humidity and temperature regime. Ventilate regularlyroom and keep the air humidity if possible.

Test: can i get coronavirus? Calculating the odds


About sports, nutrition and bad habits

Sports activities involve physical activity and an increase in the level of metabolism and immunity. This provides a kind of protective barrier. Thermal contrast procedures and hardening can also help.

In the diet, you need to refrain from harmful foods. It is usually fatty, fried, spicy and salty. There should be a fractional and balanced diet. It is also recommended to eat foods containing vitamin C. For example, lemon and rose hips - they stimulate the adrenal glands.

And, of course, it is worth minimizing bad habits. Alcohol and smoking weaken the immune system, and are not preventive measures. The most optimal would be a glass of dry red wine as an antioxidant product at dinner. Or no more than 50 grams of strong alcohol. And high dosages put our liver, pancreas and immune system at risk.

Test: can i get coronavirus? Calculating the odds

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Test: can i get coronavirus? Calculating the odds

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