Synthol Freak gets removal surgery

Teryoshin removed his bazooka hands. True or fake?

The 23-year-old Kirill Teryoshin, popular on the Web, who is known to most as Bazooka Hands, over the past couple of years was going to get rid of synthol biceps several times, but again returned to his former image. Recently, news about the operation appeared on the Internet, after which the guy was again seen with bazookas. We talk about the syntholster's past antics and find out how bazooka hands look now.

Synthol is a mixture of oil and pain relievers. It is injected deep into the muscle where it spreads between the bundles of fibers. With repeated injections, the volume of the oil increases and, accordingly, increases the muscle. The body absorbs only about 30% of the substance, and the rest can remain in the muscles for several years - according to various sources, more than five or more than eight.
Teryoshin removed his bazooka hands. True or fake?

The history of Kirill Tereshin's illness: what happened to him?

Where did the bazooka hands come from and how the synthol pumping experiments will end.

How many times has Tereshin removed the bazookas?

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Several years ago, Kirill Teryoshin began to gain popularity on the Web: he posted photos with huge biceps, swollen after injections of homemade synthol. The horrifying photos attracted the attention of not only social media users, but also federal channels. Ruki-Bazooka began to appear on television. As a rule, any program with him boiled down to the fact that the doctors tried to reason with the syntholster and convince him to do the operation. Kirill agreed, promised to improve, made several relevant posts on Instagram, and then again demonstrated swollen biceps, which periodically became even bigger.

Kirill first spoke about the operation in 2017. Then he began to complain of feeling unwell and pain in his arms. In December of the same year, the blogger posted a photo on the VKontakte wall in which the biceps looked much smaller. However, this operation became the first in a series of fake ones.

Teryoshin removed his bazooka hands. True or fake?

Teryoshin after a fake operation


Teryoshin removed his bazooka hands. True or fake?

Kirill Teryoshin was left without“ bazooka hands ”: true or fake?

What's going on with the syntholster from Pyatigorsk? Latest news

In 2018, Tereshin regularly complained of fever, swelling and unbearable pain, several times announced his readiness for hospitalization. In the summer, he even came to the program to Elena Malysheva and asked for help. In Cyril's view, it was not so difficult to return the hands to their normal state - to cut the muscle and squeeze synthol out of there. However, in reality, everything turned out to be much more difficult. The doctors explained that only a small amount of substance can be removed from the cavities in the muscles - no more100 ml, while Teryoshin injected himself with more than six liters of the drug. According to some experts, the only solution is amputation.

Is Tereshin's next operation a fake?

In the morning of November 12, Teryoshin once again surprised his subscribers. The Mash Telegram channel reported that the blogger arrived at a Moscow hospital, underwent an urgent examination and a few hours later underwent surgery. Presumably, the doctors managed to pump out synthol and return the hands to normal. The Telegram channel also published a video in which Kirill's mother feeds him from a spoon in a hospital ward - allegedly Teryoshin himself cannot move his arms.

Teryoshin removed his bazooka hands. True or fake?

The bazooka hands are gone, but the consequences remain. Tereshin's mother feeds from a spoon

The blogger decided to have an operation to remove the famous biceps, but now he suffers no less.

However, the day after the operation, several videos appeared on Kirill's Instagram where the hands look the same as before removal. Some users suggested that the story with the operation is another fake blogger to attract attention. However, the videos may have been filmed earlier. At the time of publication, Teryoshin himself did not comment on the situation in any way. But it is impossible to deny that the story looks like another hype.

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