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Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

The art of tattoos has existed for about 60 thousand years. Nowadays, millions of people show great interest in him and sometimes put a special meaning in drawings. Athletes also do not stay away from modern trends and decorate their bodies with tattoos that attract the attention of fans. Does this creativity hide a thoughtful idea or is it the result of a spontaneous decision? Let's talk about the reasons for the appearance of tattoos on the bodies of several famous athletes.

Living history on the body of Sergio Ramos

Football fans are always looking forward to the appearance of new tattoos on the body of Sergio Ramos, the captain of Real Madrid. It is almost completely covered with drawings detailing his life, in which the family comes first. The initials of the parents' names are stamped on the hand, and the wife's surname is located on the edge of the right palm. In addition, the SRM tattoo is the first letters of the name of Ramos himself, his brother and sister. The athlete has a warm relationship with them.

Sergio is a noble athlete, because he keeps the memory of his comrades. The captain of Real Madrid immortalized on the body the Star of David, dedicated to Antonio Puerta - the player of the Spanish Seville. He died tragically during the match. Of course, Ramos's football career is also reflected in his tattoos. The athlete's calves are decorated with the Champions League and World Cup trophies - the main trophies of the Real Madrid player.

Sergio went so far into the art of tattoos that he decided to make a whole puzzle out of them. In his instagram, the footballer shared a photo where the numbers 90+, 19, 32 and 35 are filled in red on the brush. Many immediately guessed the meaning of the first number: this is the time when Sergio usually scores decisive goals against the opponent. In honor of this, he has another tattoo on his leg in the form of the famous goal in the match against Athletco Madrid, scored in the 92nd minute of the Champions League final in 2014. 32 and 35 are the game numbers under which Ramos played in Seville. The most mysterious number turned out to be 19. We assume that this is the age at which Ramos signed his first contract with Real Madrid.

Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

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World of Warcraft on the back of Andrey Kirilenko

Many people like to spend time playing computer games, and some even make esports their profession. Russian basketball player Andrei Kirilenko considers himself to be the first case. In 2010, in an interview, the athlete admitted that he is a big fan of World of Warcraft.

Andrey yeshe also made a tattoo on his entire back depicting a level 80 paladin riding a dragon. The drawing turned out to be so large that the wings of a fantastic creature cannot be hidden under a basketball uniform.

Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

Photo: Getty Images

Now Kirilenko can clearly answer the question of who is his favorite hero in the game.

His own triumph on the back of Leroy Sane

In May 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic lost the title of the main daffodils in world football. Manchester City's German midfielder Leroy Sane has painted himself on his back, celebrating a goal against Monaco in the Champions League match. It is worth saying that it was after the meetings with this rival that the English team flew out of the tournament. But the defeat did not influence the player's decision to perpetuate individual success.

Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

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Scooby-Doo Ivan Skobrev

Russian skater Ivan Skobrev decided to transform his body after the 2010 Olympics. His younger brother helped him in this. It was he who advised Ivan to make a tattoo of the famous Scooby-Doo character. Now the cartoon dog flaunts on the athlete's shoulder. He wears skates on his paws, and two Olympic medals hang on his chest.

Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

Photo: RIA Novosti

Family and Religion at David Beckham Gallery

David Beckham's game was admired by millions of fans, and his spectacular image left almost no one indifferent. The footballer got over 40 tattoos. Even wondering if he remembers them all? For sure. After all, David is anxious about the images on the body and puts a special meaning in each.

Most drawings dedicated to the family. Both of Beckham's arms adorn the sleeves with several portraits of Victoria's wife. From the images, you can easily find out the history of their relationship without turning to Wikipedia for help. On David's shoulder is the phrase In the face of adversity. She appeared after the scandal that erupted in the press because of Beckham's romance with assistant Rebecca Luus. As a result of the incident, the couple had to leave, but soon they got married again. The footballer also immortalized this event on his arm, stamping its date with Roman numerals VIII.V.MMVI - May 8, 2006.

David has a lot of religious tattoos. Two paintings are depicted on his chest: a girl in the forest (David prefers to keep the meaning of the picture a secret) and Jesus with cherubs. HSome believe that the footballer himself looks like Jesus, so the tattoo can be interpreted as follows: David is pulled out of the grave by three cherubs representing Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz - his sons. Children's names are also an important part of Beckham's tattoo gallery. His last tattoos, which were located on the collarbone, were the name of Harper's daughter and her affectionate family nickname Pretty lady on her neck.

The heroic back of Ruslan Zakharov

Russian skater and Olympic champion in 2014 Ruslan Zakharov chose not to stuff heroes of computer games or cartoons on his body. The athlete remained devoted to Russian traditions and culture - the hero Ilya Muromets is depicted on Ruslan's back. Zakharov himself said that a tattoo often helps him overcome life's difficulties, as it symbolizes the courage and strength of our country. And on the athlete's shin there is a puzzle matryoshka.

Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

Photo: RIA Novosti

Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

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Expensive tattoos of Inika McPherson

American high jumper Inika MacPherson is not known to all fans of athletics. The athlete shows not the best results, but amazes fans with a non-standard appearance. At 33, the number of her tattoos is gradually approaching the age figure - and this is not the limit at all. One of the main ideas of the athlete is to fill all the continents of the planet on the body. For an American woman, tattoos have become almost the meaning of life. With their help, she tries to tell the world about herself, in a creative and tasteful way. Inika dedicated a large number of drawings to close relatives and her native state of Texas.

The total cost of all tattoos McPherson is about $ 3 thousand. And this figure continues to grow. Inika has always believed that a bright and memorable appearance is the key to success and world popularity.

The Memphis Depay Jungle Man

The image of an animal on the body usually symbolizes the power of nature and personifies the character of a person. However, Dutch footballer Memphis Depay took a more creative approach to solving the mystery of the tattoo. A spectacular lion on his back speaks of the athlete's difficult childhood, who had to overcome many blows of fate. The Dutchman clearly and concisely talks about the meaning of the king of beasts on the body:

Tattoo with meaning. Why do athletes turn the body into a gallery?

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