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Take your breath away: 7 of the most incredible sports spots

When training brings not only benefits, but also aesthetic pleasure, classes are doubly effective. We have collected 7 of the most unusual places that inspire people to come back to classes over and over again.

Red Rocks Fitness

Yes, there are no gym equipment, but this place is still very popular among active people. In this space, surrounded by rocks, training is regularly held. Privacy, fresh air, breathtaking views, music that gets lost somewhere deep in the red rocks - what could be better for a quality workout?

Fitness room on wheels

Inform Fitness is a real bus with a gym inside. This miracle on wheels runs around New York. Inside there is everything you need to pump your back, arms, legs, abs. Everything is extremely simple: a magic bus pulls up to your office, you get on it and study. Some even train in an office suit. Inform Fitness advises to do all exercises slowly - and the muscles are loaded to the fullest, and the risk of injury is minimized.

Paddle Into Fitness

There is a studio in San Diego where stretching classes, Pilates and yoga are not carried out on boring rugs, but on floating platforms. Firstly, the view during workouts opens up magnificent, and secondly, classes become even more effective, because maintaining balance on the platforms is not an easy task.

Hotel Icon

This gym in Hong Kong belongs to a hotel and is located on the roof of a skyscraper. There is a swimming pool and exercise machines themselves. It is noteworthy that the hall is open around the clock. Imagine the spectacular views here at night.

Sportplaza Mercator

In Amsterdam, you can see an unusual building covered with greenery from all sides. This oasis hides a whole world of fitness. There is a swimming pool, a hall, and a sauna. Complete privacy and tranquility. Nothing extra.

Brooklyn Boulders

This space combines areas for climbing, running and strength training. But this is not all: in addition to the bright, creative design, this center also has jobs likeoffice. When you have such a fitness paradise close by, isn't it a fairy tale?

Yoga on the Labyrinth

If you want to immerse yourself in yoga with your head, then pay attention to a studio in San Francisco, which conducts classes within the walls of a real temple. Subdued lights, stained glass windows, majestic architectural elements, mesmerizing music and a company of like-minded people - that's all you need.

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