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Take for the rule. Ancient Slavic exercise machine on guard of health

At the V International Festival of Sports and Healthy Lifestyle SN Pro 2017, you could find a lot of interesting things: from competitions in powerlifting, bodybuilding, mas-wrestling, workout, boxing to sportswear and nutrition. Many famous athletes could be met at the festival. Among them are Fedor Emelianenko, actor and powerlifter Haftor Bjornsson, bodybuilder and personal trainer Ulysses Williams, Adam Abakarov, Sergey Badyuk, Denis Gusev and other famous athletes.

In addition to numerous competitions and conferences, SN Pro 2017 hosted stands with sports goods: clothing, food, exercise equipment. One of the most unusual stands, which attracted the attention of guests and participants of the festival, can be called the workshop - Team Vladimirov with the PraIlo simulator. Vladimirov's team has existed since 2010, since the manufacture of the first simulator. According to the creator of its modern version, Aleksey Vladimirov, the simulator has existed since ancient times. Ancient warriors used it, thanks to which they won wars, kept themselves in shape and achieved success on the battlefield.

- Alexey, tell us how this simulator appeared? Is it really Old Slavic?
- This is a gift from our ancestors. This is an ancient Slavic warrior training simulator. He came to us from time immemorial. We only embodied it. Seven years ago I made the first simulator, and today it is the apotheosis of design thought.

- Your motto - heals the body and spirit. What does the simulator heal? What does it contribute to?
- There is an expression - in a healthy body, a healthy mind. The Rule Trainer is the secret to preserving and maintaining the body. The strongest and healthiest men in Russia were called araks, they achieved their strength thanks to this simulator. Today the simulator is unreasonably forgotten, but before every warrior knew about it. We only resume his story.

- Is it possible for an untrained person to study on it?
- This question is very important. We tell everyone that we must study without fanaticism. There are different levels of study. The first level is stretching. This is the simplest one, without unnecessary stress. A person stretches, the body only gets used to it, muscles relax. Further more difficult.

- Why such a name - Rule?
- Rule from the word rule, the simulator rules body and spirit!

Anyone could train on the simulator during the festival. We asked one of the volunteers after the lesson how difficult it was for her first workout.

Christina : This was the first time I trained on this simulator. Stretches the back and lower back quite well. It doesn't hurt at all, as it might seem at first glance. True, the people who came unprepareda little pain in the wrist. I go in for sports myself, so it was not very difficult for me. I liked it!

Some interesting facts about the simulator. What effect can you expect from training?

- Exercising on the simulator is the fastest way to build the entire musculoskeletal system by straightening the tendon-muscle frame.

- Internal organs fall into place , the pelvis and the thoracic region are deployed in the correct position relative to each other.

- Building your basic structure gives significant leaps in other practices, including spiritual ones.

- Since ancient times, the rule was considered a unique means for straightening the structure of the body, releasing the life force locked by tensions.

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