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Tabata: High Performance Workout in 4 Minutes

Each of us can face one serious problem - a catastrophic lack of time for this or that business. Moreover, sometimes there may not be enough time not only for meetings with friends or for walks, but also for sports. It's no secret that a standard workout in a fitness room, be it strength, circuit or cardio, takes about an hour and a half, not counting the time it takes to get to your club. It is quite possible that to allocate such an amount of time for sports will be overwhelming for you due to piled-up work or urgent household chores. The question remains: what to do in this case if you want to be in good shape, but every minute counts?

The answer was found by a Japanese professor, Dr. Izumi Tabata during preparation Japanese skaters in 1996. After numerous studies, he developed a system of high-intensity short-term training, which was later named after the inventor - Tabata.

Tabata-training: what is it?

After that, the technique was discovered in Japan became quite popular and reached the common amateur athletes. We now call Tabata the very high intensity short interval training system. Thanks to her, you can easily become slimmer and significantly improve the indicators of strength, endurance and speed. The key to this workout is the amount of time you spend on it.

Believe it or not, the standard Tabata workout consists of one circle of 4 minutes. They include 8 rounds of 20 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest. However, if desired, everyone can adjust the distribution of time for load and rest for themselves (for example, 6 intervals of 30/10). The number of four-minute sets and, accordingly, exercises can be different, it all depends on your goals and the level of physical fitness. It is recommended for beginners to start with 1-2 exercises per workout.

Selection of exercises: what should they be?

It is worth remembering that the exercises must be performed at maximum speed and power. They should engage as many muscle groups as possible. It is also important to properly adjust the severity of the sets. On average, for 20 seconds, you should do 8-10 reps and still feel muscle burning and fatigue. If you are doing too many reps or you are not at all tired, it is probably the wrong exercise.

The most popular and most effective exercise is the burpee, as it involves the muscles of the whole body. In addition, quite often Tabata includes exercises for:

- the lower part of the body: squats with jumping or with a kettlebell, lunges with a jump;
- upper: push-ups, understanding the kettlebell overhead with a neutral grip;
- abdominal muscles and core: dynamic plank, climber, leg raises, scissors, Russian crunches.

But before proceeding with the Tabata workout, which itself is notIt will take more than 20 minutes, you should pay attention to a small warm-up, and after intense exertion - a hitch or stretching. All this you can absolutely safely do at home.

Tabata timer and measuring progress

Since Tabata is directly related to interval loads, having a timer on hand is a must. But it's even better to find a convenient Tabata timer for yourself, which will show the time of work, rest, and also count the rounds and the exercise cycles you have done.

In addition to online timers, now you can easily choose the perfect smartphone application for yourself ... For example, the Tabata app. The interval timer will help you not only to control the time correctly, but also, if you wish, will select exercises for the right muscle group for you. And Crossfit Timer will allow you to set a mode of training that is convenient for you: a universal tabata protocol or just rounds with the ability to adjust their duration and sound scheme.

So, the timer has been set, how can you now track your progress? Everything is very simple here! The success of your workouts can be measured by tabata count - the number of all repetitions of an exercise performed in 8 rounds (4 minutes). But it is most important to pay attention to the number of repetitions in the last round, as it is in fact the most difficult. If the total tabata score grows every week - congratulations, you are on the right track! But if each time the number of repetitions in the last round also increases, then we can assume that progress is indeed evident.

Exercising according to the Tabata method, you will ensure yourself an improvement not only in endurance, strength, and aerobic speed system, that is, cardiovascular, but also anaerobic (muscle). Therefore, such a workout can both save time and be doubly beneficial if done correctly. Nevertheless, health remains the main thing, so it is highly discouraged to exercise in case of serious problems with the cardiovascular system and pressure.

Tabata: The 4-minute workout

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