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SwimRun is not just a sport, it's an adventure

Today, in our permanent heading, the story will go about an unusual hobby of Muscovites, which is gaining popularity from year to year. It's about svimran. Based on two fairly simple parts of this word, it is clear that this discipline consists of swimming and running. Therefore, going to training, I brought with me a gym uniform and a swimsuit. What awaits me next and what the svimran is preparing for, we will deal with my coach Maria Stanilovskaya, master-trainer of World Class Pavlovo water programs.

SwimRun is not just a sport, it's an adventure

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

14:00. We met with the coach, it turned out that I didn't need a swimsuit. Today at the training session we will be doing the swimran test indoors. That is, we will try to simulate all the conditions that amateur athletes face on real tracks.

Question to the coach: what is a svimran?

- These are functional training, quite a strong swimming base. It is also a very strong running base, which allows you not only to run on smooth, even asphalt and ground, but also allows you to overcome different heights, sometimes stones, maybe a high and not very high rise. Svimran makes it possible to develop the skill of quick adaptation to different conditions, which, of course, you cannot develop by running exclusively on flat surfaces.

Question to the coach: who can be advised to do svimran?

- It may be suitable for adventure lovers, because it looks more like we went on a hike and got so carried away by the process that, seeing the lake, we decided not to bypass it, but to shorten the distance and swim across. If svimran is not indoor training, then it is always an adventure, and if the distance is long, then it is an adventure with a partner, with a partner with whom you overcome it together. You can talk, discuss something.

14:05. We start the workout with a little warm-up to warm up our muscles.

14:15. Then go directly to the simulator, which simulates swimming movements. The coach says that such a simulator is used not only to prepare for the svimran and triathlon, many swimmers also train on land from time to time in order to pump certain muscle groups. The movements that I am doing now are aimed at making the arms and chest region as strong as possible.

SwimRun is not just a sport, it's an adventure

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

14:25. On the simulator I perform one approach, after which I have two minutes to get to the treadmill located two floors above .

14:27. The coach gives instructions - to run for 10 minutes at an easy pace. The svimran starts themselves in very picturesque locations, for example, along the sea coast. Therefore, when choosing a special simulation mode on the simulator, I choose to run along the Miami coast. In toIn computer graphics, this, of course, is not so impressive and absolutely does not convey all the sensations from a real start, but nevertheless it distracts from constantly keeping track of the time and thinking: Oh my God, how much is still left.

Question to the coach: do all trainings take place InDoor?

- We live in such a climate when it is not always possible to train outside the gym. With the onset of summer, everything, of course, becomes easier. For example, you went out of town and do not fry kebabs there, but explore the area: ran somewhere, then swam a little, then walked up the hill, swam a little more. It is very refreshing and gives a charge of vivacity and happiness.

14:37. Immediately after the run, we go back to the gym to repeat the approach on the swimming simulator. But in order to somehow diversify our program and show all the possibilities for training in InDoor mode, the trainer invites me to perform exercises with an elastic band. Elastic bands of different lengths and structures simulate different degrees of tension, thus making your task more difficult or easier. Today I will have an average level of severity, since this is my first training in a similar style.

SwimRun is not just a sport, it's an adventure

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

14:42. The first exercises with an elastic band are easy, so then I continue, standing on a special hemisphere and trying to maintain balance. Now the game includes not only the muscles of the arms, but also the core, stabilizers and legs. Yes, a tough workout awaits me today!

14:47. After completing a couple of sets below, we are back on the treadmill. But now the task has become many times more difficult, even despite the fact that the coach makes the speed much lower than in my first approach. Surely many of you have seen that in addition to the speed on the track, you can also adjust the angle of the track? So, try to tighten the degree of incline to the critical level of 12 and try to run at your own pace, then you will definitely feel my state at this moment!

Question to the coach: It seems to me that the svimran is very is very different from triathlon in its ideological component and, accordingly, in content?

- Yes, indeed, a big difference from triathlon. In a triathlon, you go through one distance, for example, swimming, a couple of minutes after you changed your clothes in the transit zone and got on a bike, you already forget that you once swam, and when you start running, after a couple of minutes you forget that you were riding on a bike. And here, of course, there is another story with svimran, everything is somehow more natural. You ran, swam, ran a little, swam some more.

14:52. In the uphill position, I still have some five minutes to go, or rather, to run. The thought that in the real start mode does not leave - it happens much more exciting and interesting than on the track in the hall.

14:57. The passage of the circular complexes is over. The coach says with a smile that pThe number of such circular repetitions - water-run, water-run - can be 7, or even 10 times per workout. Depending on what kind of start the athlete is preparing for.

Question to the coach: where do the races usually take place?

- Most distances are held in cool currents - in Norway , in Iceland. Now, however, many distances have been opened in Spain, but the sea there is usually still cool during the starts. And when you run under the sun and it has already warmed you up so decently, you really want to get into the water and freshen up.

15:00. But you shouldn't think that preparation for svimranu is only a circular exercise on a swimming simulator and a treadmill. In the process of preparation, athletes do not miss training in the water, and if conditions permit, then training in open water and even classical functional training.

SwimRun is not just a sport, it's an adventure

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

15:08. Finally, we do a slight cool down, and our coach shows us various exercise options that can be easily included in your training to prepare for the start, and for general physical development you can't think of any better.

Question to the coach: swimming and running stages are equal in terms of mileage?

- Another striking difference between svimran and triathlon is this. In triathlon, you have a fight against time at a distance. This is not the case in svimran, you are constantly adapting to the conditions. The running distance can be slightly shorter than the swimming stage, and vice versa.

To summarize. The training itself was very dynamic. And although I am not a fan of circuit training, the process itself is very addictive. Especially when the coach is standing next to him and tells in colors that real svimran races take place in real mountains and in the open sea. If we talk about physical fatigue, then specifically for this workout I would put 3.5 out of 5. Therefore, I safely recommend it to everyone: both beginners and amateurs to set a strange goal for themselves every year, and an office worker who really lacks activity in life.

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