SwimRun. At the start of the season

The spectacular SwimRun race, which includes swimming and running, is a new, relevant discipline for Russia, which has already gained great popularity in European countries. The race starts for the first time on the border with Moscow - in Novogorsk! Participants of this format, rare for the Moscow region, will consistently overcome the swimming and running stages at a distance of 10 km (5 stages: 300 m swimming and 1700 m running) without stops and transit zones.

Participants are allowed to use additional equipment - paddles, balls , wetsuits. Participants overcome the swimming stage in sneakers. The athlete carries all the necessary equipment and equipment with him throughout the entire distance.

SwimRun format suitable for both experienced amateurs and professional athletes, as well as beginners. Races: SwimRun.Women, SwimRun.Men. Distance length: 10 km (swimming - 300 m, running 1700 m / 5 stages). The limit of participants in each classification: 100 athletes.

Venue: Olympic village Novogorsk. Resort, Moscow region, g. Khimki, md. Novogorsk, st. Ivanovskaya, 51.

Schedule of the event:

08:00 - Opening of the starting town, registration, receiving starter packages and


08:00 - 15:00 - Activities of organizers and partners

9:30 - Start of the bike ride

10:30 - Start of the race (1 km)

11:00 - Start SwimRun in the Men, Women and Relay Teams;

13:15 - Awards for the winners and prize-winners in the men and womens (1-6 places),

men's, women's and mixed relay teams (1-3 places)

14:30 - Closing of the event

All detailed information and competition regulations on the website: www.kurortnovogorsk.ru.

Swimrun Season Opening 2017

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