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Swimming around the world and running in Moscow at night: what awaits us in August?

August is the time for vacations and beach holidays, but in 2020 not everyone managed to plan a trip to the sea. Nevertheless, you should not be upset. Do not rush to mourn the passing summer - it is better to enjoy the last hot days to the maximum. For example, take part in a triathlon, try to swim across the Volga or run across Moscow at night.

For interesting sporting events of this summer, which you still have time to get, see the selection of the Championship.

Swimming around the world and running in Moscow at night: what awaits us in August?

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Preparing from scratch for your first serious distance.

X - Waters Samara 181

When: August 19-23

Where: Samara

Swimming rally on the Volga is one of the stages of the X-Waters 2020 World Championship. It will take place not far from Samara, where the river makes a sharp bend and makes a circle around the Samarskaya Luka reserve.

In five days participants must cover a distance of 100 miles (181 km), and at the end they will go ashore in the same place where they entered the tough day, thus making a round the world trip. Every day, everyone can swim up to 40 km, and for the night the participants stop at different points of the reserve.

You can take part in the swim both in a relay team of 4-6 people, or on your own. A medical certificate is required for admission to the competition. A complete list of required documents and registration form can be viewed on the website.

Swimming around the world and running in Moscow at night: what awaits us in August?

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Ironstar Crocus Fitness 1/8 Triathlon 2020

When: August 21-23

Where: Moscow

August isn't just about swimming. Ironstar has prepared a dynamic race-triathlon: participants are invited to overcome 500 m by swimming, 22 km by bicycle and 5 km by jogging. The time to complete each stage is limited: 20 minutes for swimming, 1 hour for cycling and 45 minutes for running. You can participate both independently and as part of a relay team.

A medical certificate is required, and for participants under 18 years of age - permission from parents. You can register and find out the details and requirements for the document on the official triathlon website.

Night Run

When: August 22

Where: Moscow

Joggers shouldn't miss the unique event - a race in the night capital. This is the only mass race in Russia that prowalks after sunset. Participants start at 22:30 from the Luzhniki stadium, cover a distance of 10 km, and then finish at the sports arena. The route passes through the picturesque streets of Moscow and is accompanied by special effects.

Pre-registration is required to participate. See details here.

Race of Heroes

When: August 22 & 29

Where: . Vladivostok, Kazan and Yekaterinburg

Those who like unusual races will find the Race Heroes - extreme obstacle race. This summer, the race will take place on August 22 in Vladivostok and on the 29th in Kazan and Yekaterinburg.

The track for each route is developed by professional engineers and experienced instructors: participants overcome bridges, crossings, ditches, fields with barbed wire and much other.
In addition, not only professional athletes can take part in the race, but also people with any level of physical fitness - throughout the entire route, the participants are watched by instructors who are ready to help on difficult sections.

Swimming around the world and running in Moscow at night: what awaits us in August?

Summer extreme: the best locations for outdoor activities in Russia

Bungee jumping, rafting and other entertainments for adrenaline lovers.

You can take part either alone or with a team of friends, but preliminary registration is required. Learn more on the website.

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