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Sweet illusion: what happens if you eat ice cream every day

Can ice cream spoil your figure?

Ice cream is a sweet and high-calorie product if you don't make it yourself. We rarely eat pure ice cream, and sweet additives significantly increase the calorie content. The best way to cool down is to drink water, and instead of a chocolate or caramel delicacy, choose a fruit sorbet for every day.

Could it be useful?

Bio-ice cream was produced in Russia. It is recommended to give it in kindergartens, schools and sanatoriums as a prophylaxis for stomach diseases and colds. If the body is not weakened, regular chills will harden the throat. The bio-ice cream is supplemented with beneficial bacteria, probiotics, which support the microflora in the human body. Contains natural butter and milk, which contain vitamins and healthy fatty acids.

Sweet illusion: what happens if you eat ice cream every day

Probiotics and prebiotics: what bacteria are good for of our body

They are another reason not to exclude fermented milk products from the diet.

Nutritionist and nutritionist Anna Berseneva believes that bio ice cream is really more useful than the classic one.

Anna: Such ice cream is easier to digest because of the auxiliary substances that it contains. It is safer and therefore will not reflect badly on the figure.

Like any sweet food, Anna advises to eat ice cream in the morning: from 11:00 to 16:00.

Anna: At this time, the pancreas is in a more active state, so those carbohydrates with fats that come with ice cream are easier to digest. In the evening, the body must recover, and not digest the difficult foods that we threw into it. But if you couldn't resist and ate something forbidden, you should take a walk.

Sweet illusion: what happens if you eat ice cream every day

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Why is it better to give up ice cream in the heat?

In the summer heat, ice cream is the most popular snack. However, it helps to cool down for a short time, because after a couple of minutes the body is actively processing fats and carbohydrates. Energy is released, and as a result, the body temperature rises.

To prevent ice cream from melting, we try to eat it very quickly. However, rushing can cause acute respiratory infections (acute respiratory disease). Due to the temperature drop, a sharp cooling of the respiratory tract occurs - the body is warmed up by the heat, and the ice cream is very cold. This causes stress on the body. By the way, ice cold drinks should be avoided in the heat too.

Sweet illusion: what happens if you eat ice cream every day

What to eat in the heat to feel better? Nutritional advice

And what to do when you don't feel like eating at all.

How does ice cream affect the body?

Sugar combined with fat is addictive, so after one portion of ice cream we often reach for another. By the way, trendy frozen yoghurts won't be the best alternative., because they usually add sweet toppings, dusting powders, cookies, marmalade and other flavor enhancers. These are all calories.

Another seemingly less intimidating dessert is ice pops. You shouldn't overdo it either. It is made from juices, and they are known to dramatically increase blood glucose levels, causing an unplanned release of insulin. Sugar from ice cream is also quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and the pancreas and liver suffer from this.

Sweet illusion: what happens if you eat ice cream every day

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According to the nutritionist, ice cream is on the list of the most harmful foods in terms of oriental medicine.

Anna: The body metabolizes fats with carbohydrates more easily when they come in warm form. And ice cream is not an easy combination for the body.

How to replace high-calorie ice cream?

Sorbet is a less harmful alternative to plain ice cream. However, the dessert cannot be called healthy and low-calorie because of the sugar in the composition. The sorbet is based on fruit or berry puree. Because of the fiber, sugar is absorbed into the blood more slowly, which means there will be no jump in insulin. In terms of composition, sorbet is very far from ice cream: it contains less fat, no milk or cream. But it perfectly refreshes the taste buds. Sorbet will be a useful replacement for the usual ice cream if it does not contain a lot of sugar.

Sweet illusion: what happens if you eat ice cream every day

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How to choose a good ice cream?

Natural ice cream contains healthy acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that stimulate metabolism. However, it is difficult to find a really high-quality product among the large selection on the shelves. You can focus on the following criteria:

  • Appearance. Crumpled, broken ice cream has most likely been re-frozen. If stored improperly, the dessert can become a breeding ground for germs and can poison.
  • Label. Avoid the names of vegetable-creamy, dairy with vegetable fats and others. This ice cream contains plant-based ingredients instead of milk, most often palm oil.
Sweet illusion: what happens if you eat ice cream every day

Marketing victims. How do the manufacturers of useful products deceive us?

Behind the beautiful labels, there is something that can harm us.

  • Ingredients. Good ice cream consists of milk fat. In a real ice cream, its share must be at least 12%. GOST does not allow the use of milk-containing raw materials instead of milk. Unfortunately, you cannot do without stabilizers, so look for a natural one: agag-agar or gelatin. There can be no water in the ice cream under any guise, and the composition must start with milk. Avoid scary names like tetrazine, carrageenan, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, which are often veiled with combinations: E102, E466, E407.

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