Armand Duplantis - Corbett Award 2017-18

Swedish track and field athlete Arman Duplantis: he is called the record holder

Armand Duplantis , a Swedish pole vault athlete, made history last year when he sensationally overcame a height of 6.05 m on the first try to become the youngest at the European Championships in Berlin champion of the continent in this sport throughout history.

Armand shared the pedestal with Russian Timur Morgunov (6.00 m) and Olympic champion from France Renaud Lavilleni (5.95 m). By the way, at that time he was only 18 years old. We have collected a few more facts about the young athlete, but, as you remember, some of them may turn out to be false. Be careful, and we will check if you can be easily fooled. Was this or that event in the life of the young champion really? Try to guess.


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