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Sushi, noodles and rice ice cream. Why are Japanese women so thin?

The people of Japan live happily ever after. The country has long been among the leaders in life expectancy in the world. And they practically do not get fat. Can you even imagine an overweight Japanese girl? If you can, then you probably have a very vivid imagination. This is because the percentage of obese people in Japan is only 3.5. This is one of the lowest rates in the world. And among the female part of the population it is even less.

Obviously, the secret of the harmony of Japanese women is kept in the dietary habits. You will probably be surprised, but the local cuisine was formed in the conditions of a total shortage of products. The fact is that in Japan there is simply very little flora and fauna. Therefore, we had to focus on the quality of food and its usefulness. Apparently, it worked out well.

Sushi, noodles and rice ice cream. Why are Japanese women so thin?

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Rice instead of bread

The main element of Japanese cuisine. The Japanese cannot live without rice. By the way, they replace them with bread. This is one of the reasons why Japanese women remain so phenomenally slim. Flour products contribute to fullness, but rice, despite its high carbohydrate content, is considered a dietary product. By the way, it is thanks to him that Japanese girls beat longevity records. There is no salt, fat or cholesterol - perfect!

Sushi, noodles and rice ice cream. Why are Japanese women so thin?

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Fish and vegetables

Another important component of local cuisine is fish. Japanese women can eat fish three times a day and are especially fond of salmon. There are many ways to prepare it, most of which do not involve frying. By the way, the Japanese consume about a tenth of all fish production in the world. Thanks to her, you can become not only slim, but also healthy, because it greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Vegetables are hardly less useful. Any self-respecting Japanese woman will tell you about any varieties of onions, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants. Steamed vegetables are one of the favorite dishes of Japanese women. And, as you know, incredibly useful. Oh yes, how could you forget about the algae! Japanese girls cannot imagine their life without them, as they contain vitamin C, potassium and iodine and a minimum of calories.

Sushi, noodles and rice ice cream. Why are Japanese women so thin?

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Soy, noodles and no fried meat

Soy is another low-calorie element of the local cuisine. Mostly it is consumed as miso soup, tofu and well-known soy sauce, which can be added anywhere and it will turn out very tasty. By the way, soy is not a native Japanese product. She came from China along with noodles, the preparation of which the Japanese brought to a real art. YapoNsk girls do not recognize Western noodles and pasta, which we are used to. For them, it is wildly high in calories and immediately leads to a set of extra pounds. And Japanese women don't need it at all.

Fried meat is not about Japanese cuisine at all. However, like any fried food. In some Japanese restaurants, you will surely find some kind of breaded dish and fried in oil, but this is more aimed at foreign tourists. A real Japanese girl would prefer something steamed.

Sushi, noodles and rice ice cream. Why are Japanese women so thin?

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Green tea is cooler than sake

Slender Japanese women will tell you a lot about the secrets of tea drinking. Green tea contains antioxidants that both have a positive effect on the figure and slow down the aging process of the body. Not a bad combo, isn't it? If someone still thinks that the main drink in Japan is sake, then they are greatly mistaken. Green tea and nothing else. And at least several times a day.

Sushi, noodles and rice ice cream. Why are Japanese women so thin?

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None large portions!

Now we come to the main explanation why the word obesity is not in the vocabulary of Japanese women. In the Land of the Rising Sun, large portions are not accepted, traditional for the United States or Russia, for example. In Japan, all portions are very modest, again, if we're not talking about popular tourist establishments that target a different audience. Small portions are not related to the fact that the Japanese are greedy people. This is a special food culture. The main foundation of Japanese healthy eating is to eat little, but often.

The only thing that can be hearty is breakfast. But breakfast for a Japanese girl is not croissants and buns like in France, for example. This is miso soup with tofu, seaweed omelet and smoked salmon. And you need to wash it down, of course, with green tea.

Sushi, noodles and rice ice cream. Why are Japanese women so thin?

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But what about sweets?

In Japan, in fact, there is no concept expiration date. They used to eat exclusively fresh food. On many of them, the dates of preparation and use are not even written, and if they are, then we are not talking about days, but about hours. A Japanese girl will never cook soup and make cutlets for a week in advance, so that later she does not bother with cooking. Reheating food in the microwave is wild.

But what about sweets, you ask. Don't Japanese girls like sweets? Of course they do. They love chocolate, ice cream and various cakes, but they eat them much less often and in smaller quantities than in other countries. In general, Japanese desserts are low in calories. What can I say, even if they learned how to make ice cream from rice! Maybe it's not so tasty, but noextra pounds and a great figure. There are plenty to choose from.

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