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Surfing on big waves: how to take a quality action photo?

Photography is an integral part of the culture of action sports. In our new column In detail, cult extreme photographers will reveal all the magic of non-random shots.

Surfing on big waves: how to take a quality action photo?

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Our new hero is an extreme photographer Kirill Umrikhin. His photographs have taken part in many exhibitions, were among the winners of The Best Of Russia 2013 and 2014, reached the quarterfinals of Red Bull Illume 2012, participated in the Vertmir Extreme Photo 2014, 2016 exhibition. big waves.

Category : Big Wave Surfing. In Russian, surfing on large waves
Photographer : Kirill Umrikhin

Surfing on big waves: how to take a quality action photo?

Kirill Umrikhin. Self-portrait

In the photo : Frenchwoman Justine Dupont. To be honest, I came to shoot the first Russian guy who dared to conquer Nazare - Andrei Karr. But each ride through such a giant is unique. By the time of sunset, Andrey was already seriously washed out, and he miraculously survived. And since there were still surfers on the water, I decided to continue shooting and was rewarded with perseverance - in winter, piercing cold winds blow here, from which there is nowhere to hide, and it often rains.

Surfing on big waves: how to take a quality action photo?

Justin Dupont. Photo in detail

Features of the location

This is a unique place, of which there are very few in the world. The largest waves in Europe come to the cape near the Portuguese city of Nazare, and here the record for surfing on the largest wave (height about 30 meters) is set. Big waves are echoes of the strongest storms in the Atlantic Ocean. When the wind blows at speeds over 100 km / h, it disperses huge volumes of water. In Nazar, there is a very interesting structure of the bottom - after a few hundred meters from the beach, it abruptly breaks off with a wall to a great depth and goes into the ocean with an underwater fault. It is into this wall that the entire volume of water brought by the storm "crashes", and it rises in huge waves not far from the coast. The place is extremely dangerous for skiing, the waves crash into the rocks, and if you just fall on it, there is a chance that you will not emerge within a minute. That is why only the most courageous guys and girls on earth surf here.

When were the photos taken?

Traditionally, everyone pays attention to Nazar with the arrival of autumn and winter storms. I specifically followed the forecast and came here in Januaryone of the best days.

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The technical side of the issue

I took this shot with the best Nikon D5 reportage camera. It is fast-shooting, 12 frames per second and makes it possible to accurately capture the best moment. When the wave collapses, everything happens instantly, and it is important to fix the ideal position of the athlete and the wave. Besides, you need a good telephoto lens to shoot. I had a Nikkor 400mm f / 2.8 and it allowed me to take large enough shots with surfers, but at the same time such that the wave would fit completely.

Photo trick

Surfing on large there are no tricks yet. You can go into the pipe if the wave is trumpeting, but here it just collapses like a house. It is important that the rider is close to the peak of the collapse - this is the hardest part. In general, it is a bit like escaping an avalanche.

How to make your photo perfect. The right angle

When shooting surfing, you need to understand exactly where you will be shooting from - from the shore or from the water. In this case, I worked ashore. Nazaré is the perfect place to photograph surfing in big waves. The main thing is to take care of a good telephoto lens, as well as dress warmly, take things and shoes that are difficult to get wet. Otherwise, I highly recommend visiting Nazare on days when the ocean is shaking here - this is a real miracle of nature.

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