Surfing: Balinese waves at the sight of photographer Alexei Yezhelov

Every photo is a work of art, every action photo is the art of the moment. In our new column In Detail, iconic extreme photographers continue to unleash the magic of non-random shots. Our guest today is a surf photographer from the island of Bali Alexey Ezhelov. For several years, Alexey was able to take his passion for photography to a new level and become one of the most sought-after photographers on the water.

Surfing: Balinese waves at the sight of photographer Alexei Yezhelov

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Anyone can see more work from the action photography guru from the world of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding at the S- Fest from 10 to 19 November. In addition to photographic works by world-famous authors, video premieres, master classes and open lectures await visitors to the exhibition.

Of course, in addition to talent and hard work in achieving his goals, the photographer is also helped by the uniqueness of the location that he chose for life and work. The gentle island of Bali offers perfect waves almost 365 days a year, which is why the best surfers from all over the world train there. The tropical background and positive people make the island a great place to practice photography.

Category: Classic surfing, “Short Board” category
Photographer: Alexey Ezhelov, surf photographer from Fr. Bali.

Surfing: Balinese waves at the sight of photographer Alexei Yezhelov

Alexey Yezhelov. Portrait

Place: The photo was taken at the world famous surf spot Padang-Padang, which is located in Indonesia on about. Bali in the southernmost part of it - the Bukit Peninsula. The place gained fame for its ideal, fast, left, trumpeting wave. Such a powerful pipe, as in the photo, is due to the sharp reef bottom and the direction of the swells (waves) that come here only two months a year - in August and September. This spot has hosted many world and local professional surfer competitions.

Surfing: Balinese waves at the sight of photographer Alexei Yezhelov

Patrick Jans. Photo in detail

Photo: Alexey Yezhelov

In the photo: the surfer's name is Patrick Yans - a simple guy from Holland, came to Bali on vacation and accidentally chose Padang Padang for his evening skiing.

When were the photos taken?

The photo was taken in mid-April 2017. In fact, this is a rare, unique “swell” that came in April, because the seasonality for this spot is only a couple of months a year and the peak falls in August-September.

Apparently, that's why I have two more the photographers in the shot are Everton Luis (Brazil) and Ivan Gonzalo (Portugal), they always know when a good wave comes here. I often cross with them in the water, but we have a rule: whoever swam on the line-up first is closer to the pipe.

The technical side of the issue

I have in arsThere are several cameras for different tasks, but for the water a kind of kit is a Sony RX100 mark4 camera, a box for underwater photography from SeaFrogs and short fins to get to the wave. My equipment is inexpensive, therefore, perhaps, not the best quality and durable: camera + box = $ 1500. The choice is due to the fact that I have only a couple of years of experience, and I don’t print cameras ( smiles ), I don’t I would like to ruin an expensive camera because of an accident.

Trick in the photo

The photo shows a classic passage in a Tube Riding water tube and photographers hunting for a surfer. Yes, of course, surf photography depends not only on the beautiful wave and nature of the place, but also on the professionalism of the surfer and on his willingness to do tricks in front of you. Most of all I like to shoot people in “pipes” and tricks, for example, flying over the wave, such shots are a great success.

How to make a photo perfect? ​​

I would like to advise beginner surf photographers to pay attention to safety on the water: use a protective helmet, wetsuit, vest. Find out as much information as possible about the place and the wave from the locals, and observe. Follow the rules of etiquette and culture on the water. And, of course, measure the size of the waves and your physical well-being. Surf photography is considered extreme, which means there is an increased threat to life, be careful.

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