Kelly Slater's artificial wave machine brings surfing inland

Surfing abroad. 5 spots with artificial waves

Surfing is a real art of the relationship between nature and man. This story is not about taming or conquering the sea element, but about friendship with it. Every year this sport is gaining more and more popularity. Just like parks with artificial waves, where both pros and beginners get on the board. We will tell you in which foreign locations you can go surfing if you cannot fly to distant Australia or Bali.

Adventure Parc Snowdonia

Where? Valley Conwy, Wales, UK

In 2005, two surfing enthusiasts, Spanish engineer Josema Audriosola and German sports economist Karin Fritz, decided to create an artificial wave suitable for riding. Together they founded Wavegarden and ten years later opened the first surf park in the UK - Snowdonia.

This place is ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts. Safe waves, climbing wall, zipline, beautiful North Wales mountain scenery, professional instructors and local cuisine - everything is located in the park.

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Surfing abroad. 5 spots with artificial waves

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Surfing abroad. 5 spots with artificial waves

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Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch

Where? Lemur, California, USA

This the park can rightfully be called the perfect generator of artificial waves. The idea to create such a large-scale project belongs to the legendary athlete Kelly Slator, 11-time world champion in surfing. He dreamed of creating a wave that would not lose its shape and at the same time move at a constant speed. And he did.

Adam Fincham, a Jamaican surfer and aerospace engineer with a specialization in geophysical fluid dynamics, designed the world's first man-made wave with a trumpet section. Roughly speaking, the specialist managed to create a rounded wave, inside which extreme lovers strive to ride. In addition, Fincham's aquatic invention is powered by solar energy.

The wave height at the Ranch can reach two meters, and their size can be adjusted to the level of surfing. Park staff strives to ensure the highest level of safety for visitors in everything.

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BSR Surf Resort

Where? Waco, TX , USA

Texas is not only about cowboys, big hats and guns, but also about surfing. In the BSR Surf Resort park, waves are waiting for you as close as possible to the ocean. To this end, American Wave Machines has developed PerfectSwell technology, which pumps air into the water.

Their deliberately imperfect wave simulates pinpoint and beach breaks and peeling waves that reach a height of 1 to 2.5 meters. Each ride on such an artificial wave lasts from 10 to 15 seconds.


Surfing abroad. 5 spots with artificial waves

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Surfing abroad. 5 spots with artificial waves

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Eisbach Wave

Where? Munich, Germany

It would seem that surfing and Germany are absolutely incompatible concepts. But this is not the case. Almost in the very center of Munich, in a park with a small river Eisbach, tourists and locals have the opportunity to stand on the board. The so-called river wave was created by Rainer Klimaszewski 40 years ago.

It is worth noting that Eisbach Wave Park is the only surfing place in the world, which is located in the very heart of the city and fits so organically into the landscape. You can ride there all year round, unless you forget to bring a wetsuit in winter.

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Wavegarden Cove

Where? Montgat, Spain

Wavegarden Cove Park was opened near Barcelona in 2018. The surf pool is built like a sail and plays 1000 perfect waves every hour.

Engineers have applied the latest technology that allows athletes to catch as many waves as possible in one run. Their size and frequency can be adjusted depending on the level of skiing.

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Surfing abroad. 5 spots with artificial waves

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Surfing abroad. 5 spots with artificial waves

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