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Supergadget: how to analyze body composition at home?

Electronic bathroom scales are an accurate and modern way to analyze weight and other parameters. In today's review we will tell you about one of these gadgets.

The method for calculating the composition of the human body is based on the results of medical research and scientific developments. A special device (body analyzer MGB Body fat Scale) for determining body composition is able to determine the necessary parameters of the body. MGB Body fat Scale is also a “smart scale”, which means that the user has the opportunity to store data history and monitor the dynamics of changes in the body, which is important in the process of losing weight or gaining weight.

Technical stuffing

Body fat Scale
Type: Household Bluetooth Scales
Memory function: 10 users
Access: Via phone app for IOS and Android
Weight: Less than 1 kg
Accuracy: Round weight to 100 grams

How does it work?

When you step on the platform, the monitor sends out weak, harmless pulses of electrical current that travel through your entire body. Since muscle tissue contains a large amount of water, it acts as a conductor of electrical current. Fatty tissues, in turn, contain a small amount of water and are objects of resistance to electrical impulses.

This is important: to determine an accurate result on the device, you need to stand with bare feet and wait for the final measurements.

The total resistance of various body tissues is compared with age, gender and weight. Based on this data, the gadget calculates the main indicators of body composition.

Based on modern MGB scales Body Fat Scale is a diagnostic technique called bioimpedance measurement. In simple terms, this is an analysis of the resistance of body tissues to weak current.

This method is safe, but contraindicated in pregnant women and people who use a pacemaker.

The main benefits of bioimpedance analysis:

  • security;
  • speed;
  • low cost.

Why measure body fat?

Body composition can be analyzed by dozens of parameters, but only a few are of primary importance to humans, and body fat comes first. The danger of excess body fat is obvious, and not only for aesthetic reasons. The increased fat content affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system and can provoke the development of diabetes, just to name a few of the possible risks..

Alternative measurement methods

There are several ways to measure fat, and the bioimpedance technology that underlies the scale is definitely one of them. The reference method for body composition analysis is DEXA technology (densitometry). This is an X-ray examination that can only be done in a clinical setting, and it is characterized by high data accuracy. However, there are drawbacks, among which, first of all, the high price.

What else does the MGB smart floor scales show? and indicators of fat in kilograms, and analysis of lean body mass. However, the other parameters should be covered in more detail.
  • Mineral composition of bones, or bone mass. One of the important indicators of the health of the body. Today, osteoporosis is confidently “winning” the fame of the most common disease along with oncology, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
  • Muscle mass. A useful parameter for everyone involved in sports.
  • Hydration. The MGB Body Fat Scale also shows your body fluid levels.

Conclusion: we recommend paying attention to this gadget, because given the low price of the scales and their decent characteristics, they definitely deserve attention and high praise from users.

Issue price: 1990 rubles.

Buy scales.

Mi Body Scale Review - Affordable Smart Body Composition Scale

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