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Super dads: top 10 cute photos of athletes and their children

Being the child of a famous athlete is not an easy task. Indeed, for these kids, dad is not just the most important person in life, but also the main motivator, role model, and sometimes too unattainable character on the other side of the blue screen.

Therefore, we never get tired of admiring the star fathers - athletes who, despite the constant traveling, serious media coverage and demand, find invaluable minutes in their busy schedule to spend time with their family.

In our selection, we have collected the top 10 cutest photos of celebrities and their children.

Lionel Messi

Just look at Messi, who is reading a bedtime story to his son. Who knows, perhaps this tale tells how he will receive the Ballon d'Or again next year. As they say: the tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it ...

Conor McGregor

Not many imagine McGregor without whiskey, boxing shorts, provocative press conferences and provocative antics on the edge. So meet me, this is Conor - a family man, a pleasant housemate and a wonderful father.

LeBron James

In the LeBron family, every man who already has able to throw the ball to the hoop.

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen

In the back seat of the car of the famous biathlete dad, you don't have to worry at all. The main thing is to properly fasten your seat belts, because it will overcome descents and ascents at maximum speed, we have no doubt about that.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Ronaldo kids are still very young, but we are sure that they will soon grow up and learn to smile in all 32 teeth, following the example of their star father.

David Beckham

When your dad is a world-class style icon, all image issues are worth contacting to him. He will pick up the right jacket, and a beautiful feint with his feet will teach you how to twist, and even shave. That's how he is, David Beckham, a jack of all hands and feet!

Kobe Bryant

The king is on the field, a machine for scoring goals ... in fact, the sweetest father who fulfilled the main dream of all girls - he took his daughter to Paris. True, not to Disneyland, but straight to the Louvre.

Gerard Piquet

In the event that dad is not at home for a long time, upon returning you can ask him anything you want. Can deven wallow in the mud, pose for a bully selfie and send it to an equally busy mom.


If dad doesn't have time at all to take the child to the playground or to the water park, then you can take him with you to the press conference.

Vasily Berezutsky

And if not for a press conference, then for a match. The main thing is not to forget to warm your son with a fan's scarf and sit on the podium with the best view.

Main so that star dads always remember that the most important reward in life awaits them not on the field, but at home!

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