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Super breakfast: what cover girls eat at the start of the day

Breakfast is the main meal of the day, nutritionists say. The first meal should charge you with energy, vitamins and good mood. And also a hearty breakfast will help you avoid overeating during the day. Many supermodels have long adhered to this principle. We'll tell you what the girls who conquer the world catwalks eat for breakfast.

Super breakfast: what cover girls eat at the start of the day

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Heidi Klum

German supermodel Heidi Klum has been following the New York diet for many years David Kirsch. Breakfast is an essential part of this meal plan. Hollywood fitness trainer advises not to strain your stomach before bed, but be sure to eat tightly in the morning.

You can start your day with nutritious protein foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and green tea. It contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, so it invigorates perfectly, and even activates metabolism.

I love a wide variety of breakfasts. It can be scrambled eggs with spinach, onions and parsley, superfood smoothies, or just oatmeal with coffee. Monotony is boring, so I try to update my diet day in and day out. The only unshakable rule is a glass of warm water on an empty stomach, - Heidi Klum shared her preferences in an interview with Women's Health magazine.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also starts the day with the fact that replenishes water balance. In the morning she drinks at least a liter of water. The model feeds on the 14/10 intermittent fasting system, and the first meal is at 8:00. It usually consists of fresh vegetable salads, juices and lean protein.

Breakfast is very important , it sets me up for a new day. I stick to the right diet, so in the morning I usually eat boiled eggs or omelet with spinach, sprouts with toast and almost always drink green juice, - said Rosie in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

The model's favorite morning drink is matcha latte na soy milk. It energizes, speeds up metabolism and boosts immunity.

Super breakfast: what cover girls eat at the start of the day

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Rumor has it that he even copes with muscle pain.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr often pampers herself and her son with healthy pancakes for breakfast. They are made with no flour or sugar, just oatmeal, banana and two eggs. The model also loves to make fresh smoothies and matcha tea in the morning.

My day starts with glasses of hot water with lemon - it stimulates foodthe aerial system. After, I usually drink a smoothie made from cabbage, spinach, cucumber and celery, and then I eat eggs and avocado or oatmeal. If I have time, I can make quinoa, ”Kerr said in an interview.

Miranda even has her own brand of natural food supplements, Kora Organics. In addition, the company produces ready-made mixes for making matcha.

Emily Ratajkowski

At 29, the model does not adhere to a strict diet and sometimes allows herself to eat something tasty, but not too healthy for shapes - for example, cupcakes or croissants. She prefers coffee and sweet pastries for breakfast.

Every morning I go to Blacktop Coffee and ordering queen amann cookies with black coffee for breakfast. It is very important to give yourself indulgences, but at the same time think about what is included in the food, what exactly you eat, - says Ratajkowski.

Quin-aman (fr. Kouing-amann) is a French puff pastry with a crispy caramel crust. Not too much like a model's breakfast, but it probably gets you in a good mood in the morning.

Super breakfast: what cover girls eat at the start of the day

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Coco Rocha

The Canadian model Coco Rocha, after the birth of her eldest daughter, switched to intuitive eating. She tries to listen to the signals of the body and allows herself everything that she really wants, without fear of ruining the figure. For breakfast, the supermodel usually makes smoothies, vegetable salads and scrambled eggs and toast.

I think , we need to eat what will be good now, at a specific moment, for our well-being. Personally, I love green salads, but I also love hamburgers, I love both spaghetti and light smoothies, which are a great start to your day. One of the most delicious, in my opinion, is banana. I add yogurt, orange juice, avocado, spinach to the banana. I can also put berries: strawberries, cherries, blueberries, - she shared her favorite recipes of Roche in an interview.

Super breakfast: what cover girls eat at the start of the day

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Eating approaches can vary - even supermodels don't have a universal recipe. It is important to stick to a correct and balanced diet, but you should listen to your body and spoil yourself sometimes.

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