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Suits or sportswear: what should a football coach wear?

This week, Zenit head coach Sergei Semak and Juventus' new coach Maurizio Sarri, without knowing it, argued in absentia about the coaching dress code. Sarri shared that he doesn't like wearing a business suit. Semak also advocated elegance, chiding football players and coaches who prefer sportswear outside the field. In our selection, we have collected 10 trainers who, by their appearance, confirm that a business suit is cool.

Diego Paolo Simeone

Atletico Madrid mentor Diego Simeone invariably eye-catching at the edge of the field. The set comes with a great style of crazy charisma, which makes Simeone one of the brightest trainers of our time. The main feature is the total black kit.

Paul Tisdale

Tisdale is not a top coach, but he invariably gets into such collections. The coach looks so bright that, even working in the lower English divisions (Exeter City, Milton Keynes Dons), he is famous far beyond the borders of Foggy Albion. When I see an opponent's coach in sportswear, it's already 1: 0 - Tisdale once noted, emphasizing how important style is to him.

Roberto Mancini

This rating could not do without Italians. Coaches from a country where fashion is elevated to a cult are invariably dressed with a needle. The head coach of the Italian national team, and in the recent past of the St. Petersburg Zenith, Roberto Mancini, always looks flawless in his suit. Favorite styling element is the club's fan scarf.

Joachim Loew

Operators love to snatch Lev during broadcasts. The German mentor is always stylishly dressed and has funny facial expressions. Lev is often blamed for the fact that, carried away by the game, he can stick his finger in his nose or his hand in his pants, but this does not detract from the German's charm. He's also great at rolling up the sleeves of a shirt.

Josep Guardiola

The Spaniard proved everything to everyone long ago. Guardiola is one of the most renowned coaches in modern football. Coaching the European giants, Guardiola is consistent not only in football success. Whether it's Germany, Spain or England, he always finds the perfect bow for any climate.

Zinedine Zidane

World football legend Zinedine Zidane changed his uniform for a suit and now wins the hearts of fans as a coach of Real Madrid. In clothes, Zidane prefers strict classics, as befits a coach of the Royal Club.

By the way, today Zizu isturned 47.

Vincenzo Montella

Another Italian in the collection. The Fiorentina coach loves club jackets and elegantly knitted scarves. As befits an Italian, he is charismatic and expressive, which adds sparkle to the severity of images.

Andre Villas-Boas

The Portuguese has never been a professional footballer, but in addition to football he also manages to be a racer. At the edge of the field, Villas-Boas allowed himself to appear in a sports jacket, but when he puts on a suit, it always looks like on the pages of a glossy magazine. Villas-Boas is currently coaching in France, a country where fashionistas have plenty of room to play.

Eusebio Di Francesco

The 49-year-old Italian looks much younger than his years. Blame the style. Di Francesco is a real hipster. Tousled styling, fashionable eyeglass frames, fitted suits - all this visually diminishes the coach, who recently replaced Roma with Sampdoria.

Sergey Semak

Semak, not in word, but in deed confirms his opinion about trainers in suits. After becoming Zenith's mentor, he opened up to the public as a great connoisseur of fashion. We wouldn't be surprised if the coach's sophisticated three-piece suits are involved in this year's Zenith championship.

Out of the list

Jurgen Klopp

Klopp is the main sportswear lover among coaches. At the same time, a successful German coach is so charismatic and charming, when he is 200% devoted to the game, that the tongue will not turn to say that the victor of the last Champions League looks bad.

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