Sugar is bad, salt is dangerous, and you have to prepare for a marathon. Films and webinars about healthy lifestyle

Film Fed Up

Film about the disastrous situation in the food industry in the United States. However, it is useful to watch it in Russia, as many realities coincide, and the questions asked by the authors of the film are quite international. Why is a piece of pizza sometimes equated with vegetables? Why only 25 out of 400 people eat right? How can kids resist the cravings for burgers and fries?

Double Serve Movie

Do you occasionally run for fries or ice cream at fast food? American Morgan Spurlock decides to eat only at McDonald's for a month and see how fast food in such quantities will affect his health and well-being.

Movie Sugar

The story of how consumer society and the fashion for healthy eating actually lead us to obesity. Australian director and actor Damon Gameau is filming his experiment in which he begins to eat exclusively food labeled healthy, in order to reveal to viewers the whole bitter truth about sugar, which in fact is hidden in fresh juices, low-fat yoghurts, muesli, protein bars and other healthy foods.

The film demonstrates the changes that occur in the body of a young man, before the experiment begins, not experiencing problems with excess weight. Thanks to an educational journey, Damon illuminates unknown facts about how the food industry is built and what kind of sugar is actually worth fearing on supermarket shelves. This movie will forever change the way you think about a healthy diet.

Carbohydrate loading. Issue 3

This Saturday at 21:30, the third issue of Carbohydrate Loading, a joint project of the Running Community and the Beg Vreden channel, will take place. Alexey Smertin, the champion of the English Premier League in football, who has run six majors, will come to visit us.

Let's talk about the importance of professional training in amateur sports, participation in foreign races and the Marathon du Medoc wine marathon. Join the broadcast:

226 questions about the triathlon with Nastya Tukmacheva

The Championship, together with the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia, IRONSTAR, launched a special project # 226 questions.

This the first YouTube show about triathlon in Russia. Famous athletes, bloggers, politicians, businessmen and just people with unusual stories become the heroes of our releases. On the eve of the main start of the IRONSTAR 226 season in Sochi, we decided to introduce you to them by asking the guests of our studio 226 questions. Blogger and triathlete Anastasia Tukmacheva became the hero of the second issue.

Dr. Stephan Esser - Living a Healthy Lifestyle

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