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Such different yoga. Unusual options for meditation

They say that during yoga a person relaxes so much that he may well fall asleep while performing one of the asanas. Do you think that a similar situation can happen to you? Especially for you, we have selected the top 5 directions in yoga and stretching, which will keep you in good shape during the whole session, at least thanks to its unusual presentation.

1. Antigravity Yoga

For whom: for those who have watched trapeze lessons with bated breath since childhood. And primarily for those who periodically include stretching exercises in their warm-up. Without even an easy level of training, the first lesson will seem difficult.

Contraindications (you need to be careful about this and be sure to read it before the first workout!): low or high blood pressure, glaucoma or recent surgery on eyes, hypertension, heart failure.

Aero Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga with elements of Pilates, aerial acrobatics, and traditional rhythmic gymnastics. Performing classical yoga exercises in suspension (with the help of hammocks attached to the ceiling), you can strengthen the muscles of the body, improve coordination of movements in space, blood circulation and improve overall vitality in general. The main feature of yoga classes in a hammock is the ability to more effectively perform asanas associated with stretching the spine.

Such different yoga. Unusual options for meditation

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2. Bikram Yoga

For whom: for those who love warmth and want something hot.

Contraindications: problems with vessels and heart.

Bikram Yoga is a kind of Hatha Yoga practiced in a warm room. The lesson itself lasts about 1-1.5 hours. It consists of a sequence of asanas at the beginner level or at the advanced level (depending on the groups you attend). Heat is a fantastic tool for warming up all muscle groups, so you can improve stretching without risk of injury, and get rid of toxins and waste products. This type of yoga helps to develop patience, courage, determination and get to know your true essence.

3. Tantra Yoga

For whom: for those who, after work, dream of relaxing and shouting a little. No matter how it sounds.

This type of yoga encourages its followers to scream (!) To improve their health. The lesson practices traditional yoga asanas, breathing and basic stretching. People release their stress through screaming, yelling, stomping, and banging. After such a workout, everyone feels relaxed and ready to conquer new heights in life.

4. Great Dane or Dog Yoga

For whom: For those who want to get closer to their pet. In the language of a guru, this type of yoga aims to unite the animal and the person in mental and physical harmony.

Dog yoga, or Doga, combines meditation, stretching and massage of both the dog and its owner. Devoted partiesNicks of this practice believe that the mastiff improves the functioning of the digestive system and the work of the heart muscle of the pet, and also helps relieve stress in the human body.

Such different yoga. Unusual options for meditation

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5. Sup (Stand Up Paddleboard)

For whom: For those who travel a lot and do not mind climbing the board at sea. For those who value the diversity of the surrounding landscape. For those who are not afraid to swim and develop their sense of balance.

S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddleboard) is a worldwide organization with many years of experience that practices yoga on the water on a special board instead of the usual rug. This type of yoga can be practiced in any open body of water, be it a pond or the ocean (agree, it sounds nicer than yoga in the pool). Unlike practices on a hard surface, a person in this case becomes more sensitive to maintaining balance and balance. The thing is that if he is very tense, he risks being in the water, because he will lose his balance on the board. However, as with all types of yoga, these activities are aimed at developing flexibility and strength.

Such different yoga. Unusual options for meditation

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