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Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

During a long quarantine, many have forgotten how pleasant fatigue feels after a run or strength training in the gym. But soon these joys will burst into life with renewed vigor, so it's time to take care of buying new equipment.

We have selected for you several quality items that will not only look stylish, but will also make your return to the sport much more comfortable ... They can already be selected in online stores to test in the coming days. By the way, items from our order were evaluated not only by us, but also by the curious cat Vasily.

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

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adidas Women's Running Shorts

Summer is approaching - a reason to switch to lighter equipment. The tight-fitting shorts do not restrict movement, and the special material is guaranteed to absorb moisture during the distances. The urban design blends perfectly with the cityscape and makes your runs safe with reflective panels that work from any angle.

A nice bonus for environmentalists, the shorts are made from recycled polyester. This helps to conserve the resources of our planet and reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

You can find shorts at

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

adidas T-shirt

It combines two things at once: an inner T-shirt made of mesh fabric and jersey outer T-shirt. They can be worn together or separately. Both models have the ability to wick away moisture, keep the feeling of coolness and dryness, so they are ideal for intense workouts.

Interestingly, the two-in-one tech t-shirt was created taking into account the feedback and wishes of runners from Paris, Berlin and New York.

You can buy a T-shirt on the website

Nike Sports Bra

It's uncomfortable for girls to train without a sports top and, moreover, harmful. When choosing this piece of equipment, you should rely not only on appearance. It is better to pay special attention to the quality of the material, the shape of the straps and the ability of the thing to let air through.

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

The Nike Bra is crafted from soft stretch fabric to provide reliable support and breathability to your chest for running and fitness. And the minimalistic design in beige and blue variations will appeal to lovers of pastel colors.

You can buy the sconce at

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

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ZASPORT leggings

Finding leggings that will not chafe and bring a feeling of discomfort during training is not an easy task. Regular leggings will definitely not work, so it is important to give preference to special sports models.

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

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For example, these leggings are made of a pleasant material that fits the body without squeezing it, and is equipped with a reliable elastic belt. Due to their elasticity, they are suitable for high intensity activities such as cardio and strength training, as well as yoga and stretching.

Buy sports leggings.

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Sports top ZASPORT

If you don't feel like training in a bra, it can be replaced competently matched sports top. It covers more areas of the body and supports the chest just as well.

The ZASPORT model has a front zip. This smart solution allows you to easily put on and take off the thing. This top will be a good addition to leggings, as it is also made in a discreet design with a single yellow detail.

Buy a women's top for sports.

Long sleeve adidas

A long sleeve t-shirt is a great option for running down the street in cool weather. With our unpredictable climate, it is especially important to have such an item in your wardrobe.

The classic black long sleeve top from adidas is adorned with bright graphics in the style of Japanese calligraphy, but the design is far from the main thing. The material of the model removes excess moisture from the body and helps to concentrate on running, and not on unpleasant sensations.

You can find a long sleeve on the website

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

adidas Men's Shorts

Very soon get out of your insulated pants and finally train in light shorts. The mid-length men's model is again ideal for running, but we are confident that it will work well for other types of training.

Stylish comeback: 7 sports items to order

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By the way, design with three classic stripes on the side made with care for the environment. As in women's shorts, the manufacturers used recycled polyester and were able to make a multi-functional sports item out of it.

You can buy the shorts at

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