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Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Many challenged themselves in January for 2020. But there are those who did not postpone the implementation of the challenge. Not so long ago, the two-time world champion in powerlifting, fitness trainer Valeria Bukina took up a challenge from Renault . The girl had to drag the Renault Arkana car.

Immediately after the shooting, we managed to meet with Valeria and talk to her about iron sports - powerlifting, impressions of the challenge and other equally global plans for coming year.

Give me a foothold, and I ... will pull the car

- Valeria, how did your story in iron sports begin? As a child, you were engaged in martial arts: hand-to-hand combat, judo ... Why did you choose powerlifting at a conscious age?

- Yes, since childhood I was engaged in hand-to-hand combat, judo, even in sambo. But on one of the beautiful days in 2006, I received a serious injury to the shoulder joint, and I was recovering for a whole year. After that, having recovered, in 2009 she even became the second at one of the world championships. And then I flew out of the Saratov judo team, there was a certain pause, depression: what to do, where to go? And when the question arose, what next ?, I already consciously chose powerlifting.

- How did the idea to drag the car come about? Remember this day?

- Of course, it was in 2011, in winter. I remember that day, I remember that it was in February, it was snowing. On YouTube, you can find a video of me dragging a 21-ton truck up the stairs. The ladder, of course, helps, there is something to push off from, which is why it turned out to drag such a lot of weight. I myself weighed 60 kilograms then.

And how did the thought itself appear? I was always inspired by Vladimir Turchinsky, I really liked his Power Extreme show. I watched it and thought: why not, I also want to try it!

Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Photo: Renault archive

- What is the biggest difficulty?

- I always say: give me a foothold and I will move the world. Okay, it's not just me saying that ( laughs ). There is no global difficulty to drag a car, you need good preparation and knowledge of physics. No matter how strange it may sound now, but this is really a calculation, physics and psychology, perhaps. It's not difficult for me to drag the car. If I see a goal, I just set it and achieve it. Therefore, it is difficult in something - yes, it happens, but difficult - no.

- This year you decided on a new challenge - to push Renault Arkana. How did it go?

- Renault threw me this challenge after seeing one of my videos on my Instagram page. They wrote me something like can you drag our car ?. I immediately wanted to answer: Why not ?.

- Did you have a fear that it would be impossible to move the car?

- There was no fear. Move where she goes! Others moveme, why can't I? ( Smiling .)

Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Photo: Renault archive

- Tell us what you were thinking when you pulled the car?

- I can't remember exactly what I was thinking. I just blissed out at that moment, got the maximum pleasure from the process ( smiles ).

- What was important at the moment when you started pulling Renault Arkana? What was difficult?

- When I pulled the Renault Arkana during the challenge, I had no special ropes, that is, there was nothing to cling to. In this case, the most important thing was to grip the surface with your feet in order to move the car. In general, the challenge was not easy, more difficult than usual. Although if it were easy, everyone would do it ( smiles ).

- How do you like the car in general? Before and after the challenge, was there a desire to drive?

- I have been driving for five years already, but I don’t drive the car myself, honestly, I don’t feel any kind of high or special need from this. Although the car is certainly great. After the challenge, I got into Renault Arkana and tried it out. I liked sitting behind the wheel, pleasant enough. I don’t know how to describe everything exactly, I’m still, as you understand, not an experienced driver ( laughs ), but it was very comfortable.

Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Photo: Renault archive

Mind or physics: what is important for a newbie in powerlifting to work on?

- Is the psychological moment and attitude important: understanding that you can take this or that weight? How are you working on this? What helps to get ready?

- I prepared people for the competitive platform, so I can say with confidence that psychology is the most important thing. It is very important to hear yourself and see how your opponents behave. I never had any doubts whether I would take this or that weight or not.

Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Photo: Renault archive

- Do you develop your own training system or a coach?

- Since 2013 I have been doing it myself. Before that, I had a coach. He helped me prepare for the first two world championships in which I became a champion.

Later I began to train myself. Probably, the fact is that I have always been interested in the whole field of fitness in general, and I wanted to become a coach myself. In 2011 it happened: I moved to Moscow, and my coaching career began here.

- What criteria do you use to determine that a training session went well?

- Power is important in powerlifting. You need to lift the maximum weight at a time, so the number of repetitions is not important. If we talk about this period of life, then I work on speed and endurance. I do sets of exercises for several approaches.

Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Photo: Renault archive

- How generally would you advise to start a newWhat about powerlifting?

- As for powerlifting beginners, of course, you need a coach. Coach with a head. The one who has already led some of his athletes to the result.

- Why is a coach still important?

- If we are talking about powerlifting, there is a lot of emphasis on building technique. Because a very large load is distributed to the spine in most exercises. Here you need to create a strong muscle corset and only after that climb under the barbell and work with large weights. There is a lot of auxiliary work going on to strengthen the entire muscle corset. The body needs to be prepared, so a good trainer is very important here. Well, to prepare for the competition by itself.

Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Photo: From Renault archive

- Is it difficult to be a girl in such a stereotypically male sport?

- Well, let's start with the fact that our world, in principle, thinks stereotypically ( smiles ). It is customary in Russian society to hang labels. But, honestly, I always didn't give a fuck about these labels, I experienced it at one time. Therefore, I cannot note any difficulties, I just, no matter what, I do my job, and I do it well.

Strength in motion. How Valeria Bukina dragged the car

Photo: From the Renault archive

- There are already plans to conquer new heights: what would you like to aim at in 2020?

- В my immediate plans are to run a half marathon and swing a marathon - 42 kilometers. Now I run 10 km, I will gradually increase the distance. And then everything is possible: various ultra marathons, and 50, 70, 100 kilometers. I'm still thinking about trying to get behind the wheel again, Arkana inspired me. There is always something to strive for!

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