The PERFECT 10 Minute Daily Posture Routine (FIX YOUR SIT!)

Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture

Not everyone can notice their own stoop and constantly control their back. And in order to keep it straight, many of us need to make tangible efforts. Fortunately, you can avoid this and achieve perfect posture if you devote at least a little time to a special set of exercises every day. Coach and blogger Julia Smolnaya tells how to achieve a straight back and straightened shoulders at home in just five minutes a day.

How to achieve beautiful posture

-first, you need to do a five-minute every day and try to always find time for it. After all, you really need a little: each exercise takes only a minute.

And secondly, in order not to forget to control your back throughout the day, set an hourly reminder on your phone. Or, if the first option is not optimal for you, hang a couple of signs in the most prominent places at home or at work. Keep your back straight. This little thing really helps you avoid slouching.

Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture


Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture

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Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture

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This is easier than you think.

A set of exercises for a straight back

For a little workout we need some free space, a mat, attentiveness and perseverance in achieving the goal. It is extremely important to perform their exercises without jerking, smoothly and accurately. So let's get started!

Reducing the shoulder blades while sitting

Starting position: Sit on your knees, straighten your arms in front of you, back straight.

As you exhale, bring your shoulder blades together and keep your arms parallel to the floor. Round your back as you inhale. On the next exhale, raise your arms up and take them as far back as possible. While inhaling, round your back again and return to the starting position. Stretch your neck while doing the exercise: you can even look just above the horizon. Do not be too zealous with the back bending.

For a beautiful posture, not only the muscles of the back, shoulder blades, shoulders, but also the pectoral muscles are important. They should be toned and, most importantly, well stretched. Do not forget about the abdominal muscles, as they will help keep your back straight.

Knee push-ups

Starting position: Sit on your knees with your hands spread wide on the floor, fingers pointing forward. From the head to the knees - a straight line of the body, the stomach is drawn in.

Bend your arms and try to touch the floor with your chest at the bottom. Return to starting position and repeat the movement. If it gets tough, then allow yourself to rest for 5-10 seconds and return to the exercise. At the end, bend over and stretch your arms forward, staying on your knees.This will help relax your muscles.

Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture



Starting position: lying on your stomach.

Grab your ankle with your hands and slightly move your knees to the sides. As you exhale, bend in your back. Try to straighten your legs and bring your shoulders up to your knees. Hold in this position for three seconds, and lower for the fourth.

Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture

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Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture

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Abducted Body Raises

Starting position: lying on your stomach, arms straight in front of you.

As you exhale, tear your body off the floor and take your right hand back. While inhaling, return it to its original position and lower yourself, but not completely, so as not to touch the floor with your hands and shoulders. Repeat the movement with your left hand. Keep your shoulder blades tense.

Pause and stretch, repeating the movements from the first exercise.


Starting position: lying on your back on the roller.

Roll the roller out of the available means: the mat on which you exercise, or towels. If you wish, you can purchase a special juniper. Lie with your back on the roller so that it rests on the bottom of your shoulder blades. Straighten your legs on the floor with your big toes and your hands with your little fingers. Relax.

Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture


After a minute has passed, carefully pull your arms and legs towards you, roll onto your side and twist into a fetal position. Lie down for a while, and then place your palms on the floor and come to your knees. Arch your lower back, put your feet to your hands and slowly, vertebra by vertebra, straighten up. Stretch your arms up as you inhale, lower them as you exit.

You can experiment with the position of the roller. Place it under your back a little higher or lower, depending on where you have the clamp.

Detailed video instructions for the set of exercises can be viewed on Yulia Smolnaya's YouTube channel.

Don't rush after five minutes burden yourself with heavy physical activity or work. Give your back time to rest and feel these pleasant sensations of relaxation and erect posture.

Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture

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