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Steve Sidwell: the footballer who sold Bentleys and opened a children's store

Midfielder for Chelsea, Arsenal and Brighton. A talented football player with technical play and many awards and a caring father - all this is Steve Sidwell ...

Unexpected twist

When Steve turned 35, his career was in full swing. It would seem, what else can an ambitious and in-demand player want? But fate sometimes brings not the most pleasant surprises. In one of the matches, Sidwell suffered a serious back injury. This injury became a test not only for himself and for the football club, but also for the athlete's family.

When you are 35 years old and life is in full swing, it seems that it will always be so. But if trouble happens, how to find the strength not to stop and move on, no matter what? After the operation, Sidwell's back pain was so severe that sometimes he could not even bend down to brush his teeth, let alone try to start training again.

The footballer planned to quickly rehabilitate and regain his strength, and in as a result, he became a hostage to the situation. No physical activity is a terrible diagnosis for a person who, since childhood, could not imagine his life without sports. What else could he do? How did Sidwell not lose faith in himself and continue to fight?

His wife helped the footballer. She was there during the entire rehabilitation period, and one day she simply said: Let's sell my car? By the way, Christell, the footballer's wife, the owner of the Bentley. An unexpected twist, isn't it? So Sidwell was surprised. But this is only at the beginning.

Later, he found out the plan of his wife and fully supported her project. Here's the thing. Christell loves kids and baby clothes. All these little frills, frills and circles always seemed to her cute. Then she decided to invite her husband to create his own business - a company that creates and produces children's clothing.

Family business

After the sale of the car, the couple got start-up capital. But it was necessary to think over the design, packaging and many more details. And who, if not the children themselves, can tell what they like? Therefore, Sidwell began asking young clients about what colors and styles they consider fashionable, but at the same time comfortable and practical.

This is how the idea of ​​the Blousey Baby brand was born in January. A funny story is connected with the appearance of the name. Chris has an uncle. He called her Blausy when she was just a baby. So tiny that it was difficult to find the right clothes. Therefore, her uncle somehow brought her clothes for dolls, namely a blouse. It was this funny situation that prompted Kristell to come up with her own name for the clothing brand, which eventually became a success.

Happy finale

Steve Sidwell is currently continuing his rehabilitation and is trying to return to football training. He is very sociable, loves to appear in the media, share his story, and also loves his wife and their new business project. Blousey Baby is a children's clothing that has more than just a desire to make high profits.

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