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Stethem Almighty: 7 surprising facts you didn't know about an actor's life

It's not news that the iron Statham keeps himself in a stunning shape. But not many people realize that the actor acquired a beautiful and relief body in his youth, when he was professionally engaged in diving. Moreover, Statham was even a member of the UK national team. Unfortunately, he failed to compete at the Olympics, but there was such an opportunity. The actor often recalls this in his interviews and, it seems, still regrets a little that he did not become an Olympian.

Statham needed to recall his athletic youth in a new film Meg: a monster of depth , which will be released on 9 August. Only this time, the actor will go down into the water not for the sake of medals, but for the opportunity to meet face to face with a prehistoric shark of incredible size.

In general, Statham and sports are one whole. The actor has been promoting a healthy lifestyle from early childhood. We invite you to take a test and determine which facts about the popular actor are true, and which are nothing more than a journalistic duck.

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