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Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

Running is becoming more and more popular, and now no one will be surprised by the ambitious goal of getting out of the comfort zone and running a marathon. All that is needed for this is systematic training with a professional trainer, good health and frantic motivation for results. But if for some, reaching the finish line is already a great achievement, then for someone it is important not only to go the entire distance at your maximum, but also to become the first.

Big dream and constant meaningful work on yourself and your body - two components of success that led to the finish of the Moscow marathon of the athlete Stepan Kiselyov . He came first, and this could not be prevented by rain, wind and the capital autumn that began too early.

About the path taken to the cherished 42nd kilometer and much more, read in an interview with the winner Moscow Marathon - 2018 Stepan Kiselyov.

Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

Photo: Valery Shugurin, Championship

- Styopa is probably no secret for you that running is becoming more and more popular. This year, so many different and different people came to the start of the marathon distance. Can you describe the portrait of the average Moscow marathon runner? Who is this person to you?

- First of all, of course, these are people who are interested in running. But if they decide on a marathon, then, most likely, they want not only to be interested in it, but also to delve into running as a profession, as a serious sports hobby, a real adult hobby. Therefore, they set themselves new goals. They do not stop at 10 or 21 km, but go through this running path to the end.

Of course, it all starts with the fact that a person just goes for a run and it is addictive. As a result, someone gets to their top ten, and someone goes even further and thus reaches the marathon. There is no limit. You can set yourself goals, new numbers. You get pleasure when you achieve something with your work.

- How did the marathon drag you personally?

- For me it was a balanced and conscious decision. All pro runners have the same road and the final stop is a marathon. Personally, my running path began at 800 meters.

- Do you remember this turning point, your first marathon?

- The marathon itself is not so hard in comparison with preparation. It's like on a journey, you have to go through everything, and then the final goal, ultimately, will not be so difficult. If you didn’t go well that original path, skipped training, didn’t take your health seriously enough, the marathon will kill you, it should not be underestimated. Even I sometimes make a mistake, when I stop respecting the marathon, I think that I am already quite ready for the start, and as a result, it is difficult for the race.

My first marathon happened in 2014. It used to be less popular to start in Russia, so I ran to Zurich. It is now, due to the suspension, professional athletes began to attend the Moscow Marathon.

Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

Photo: Valery Shugurin, Championship

- Are weather conditions important to you? At what temperature can you run your best result, did not you think?

- My ideal temperature is about 12-14 degrees. It can be cloudy, but no rain. Cold rain and wind are not good for your muscles. But the marathon is unpredictable, and it doesn't even depend on the venue, it's hard to get into that very ideal weather. Therefore, they usually say that the stars must converge for everything to go perfectly.

- How important is the weather and temperature regime for beginners at the start?

- The most important thing for an amateur is a good mood. I thought that because of the weather conditions this year people would not come to the Moscow Marathon, but there were people. After all, marathon runners have come a long way of preparation, so it's real disgusting to give up everything at the last moment. At the start of the marathon, there are no random people, those who have been stopped by rain or wind. At the start of the marathon, people gather completely immersed in running.

- How much do you train? What training would you recommend, what has proved to be the most effective?

- You can use any type of training. We (professional athletes) have a wide variety of training. This is done in order to remove the monotony so that the running process does not become too routine. For example, we smooth out stress with recovery crosses, jogging. After them, you want to work hard to invigorate the body. The same goes for the surface. You can run during training on asphalt, on the ground, on the track.

But the most important thing is to train regularly, otherwise you will step back again and again or stand in one place.

Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

Photo: Valeriy Shugurin, Championship

- How does running lightness appear (acquire)?

- First of all, you train your muscles. On the other hand, you become mentally stronger. There is an understanding that if I was able to do it in training, then I will definitely do it in the marathon. Sometimes I guess at what speed I will run in a competition and in training I will run with her. It's very hard. But experienced athletes understand that when reaching the start, adrenaline will do its job and all the body's resources will be mobilized. So it is possible that you will run even twice as fast and more than in training.

- Many amateurs are advised to immediately run a marathon, because after having run a half at first, then it is psychologically very difficult to dare to the distance is twice as large. What do you think about this?

- It may really be better for a beginner to concentrate on the marathon right away. But I would advise you to immerse yourself in the process gradually, to bend your own line, to go your own way. Run a top ten one year, and the next year try a half maraph.n. Surely there will be mistakes in the alignment of forces, in technology, but everyone goes through this. Just gain experience and patience, and then start the marathon.

- How important is it to choose the equipment for the marathon?

- Yes, this is a very important point. First of all, you need to pay attention to the shoes. As a rule, we have two pairs of competition shoes. In one you only compete (they are always clean, not worn out). In the other pair, you conduct speed training, in which you have to merge with them, feel them, find out all the pros and cons of this model, and even your run must adapt to this model. And most importantly, you should not be afraid to kill them, since training takes place in different conditions, and you, first of all, should develop, and not spare your shoes.

- What clothes were you wearing? ? Is it important to focus on the weather?

- I ran in shorts and a T-shirt. And I regretted a little that I had not faked the T-shirt, it was also possible to wear short Thais instead of shorts. The cold rain stiffened his muscles and the work did not go so smoothly. Sometimes it's hard to calculate everything.

Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

Rain is not an obstacle to records: how was the Moscow Marathon - 2018

2000 foreign participants at the start, unpredictable weather and the largest running exhibition in Russia.

- What about the recommendations for equipment for beginners? After all, for sure, those who run a marathon longer than 3 hours should dress a little differently. What do you recommend?

- As a rule, drier athletes freeze faster. I advise you to find a balance: do not dress too lightly and do not turn into cabbage from clothes. The main thing is not to freeze before the start. Put on some unnecessary clothes that you will not mind throwing away in the waiting cluster later. And during the distance you will not freeze.

- Do you perceive running as a profession?

- I only do jogging. Sometimes, of course, you want to give up everything and go to work in the office. But when you see how people work even without a change of environment and with a vacation twice a year, you start to somehow especially love what you are doing. Because I am free and I only work for myself. That's cool. But there is one thing: you can't stop. If you take a break, you will go off the rails.

- At what age did you start jogging consciously?

- From the age of 13 it was a hobby, a hobby ... But then it grew into a lifelong business.

- Are you glad you chose running?

- Yes, I'm happy. As I said, freedom allows me to spend a lot of time with my family, with my son and wife.

- Are you planning to send your child to sports or should he come to this on his own?

- I want him to choose himself. I will not insist, but perhaps I will secretly try to guide him, although it is difficult to manipulate him ( laughs ).

- For what moments are you grateful to your running history?

- I got out of the small town of Kiselevsk, Kemerovo region. I have la favorite business, big plans, wonderful people around. There were some not the most successful moments in my running career, but they are forgotten, and only the good remains.

Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

Photo: Valeria Shugurina , Championship

- What people inspired you as a child?

- Previously, due to the lack of internet, it was difficult to collect information about runners ... Unless there was a magazine Athletics and broadcasts were broadcast on Channel One. For many runners, Vyacheslav Shabunin was a legend then. Despite the fact that he did not occupy high places, he ran very beautifully and skillfully. I was also, of course, inspired by the victory of Yuri Borzakovsky at the Olympics. Now my idol and part-time friend is Sergei Ivanov, the record holder of Russia at 10 thousand meters.

- How much does the geographic location affect the athlete's style?

- In Russia, conditions for running are not very favorable, but it all depends on motivation. If you are motivated, you can show results here too. But in order to run faster, special conditions are needed, one of them is being in the highlands, for example, in Kenya, there is a large lack of oxygen.

I recently went there for a training camp and realized that it was hard for me to train in a group together with the Kenyan guys, although I gradually acclimatize and the body becomes stronger. Thanks to these training camps at the Moscow Marathon, I had no breathing problems. It was easy and calm for me. Because of the altitude and purity of the air, Kenyans run faster than us, it's not about genetics at all!

Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

Photo: Valeria Shugurina, Championship

- How do you train with the onset of cold weather? Is it real?

- On the street you can and should do, the running season for me, as you know, never ends. Even with the onset of cold weather, I only go to the arena twice a week. It is impossible to work productively and for a long time, you get very tired mentally. And when it's really cold outside, I use a treadmill. Often, when I'm really bored, I run around with music. And in a marathon, it's better to listen to yourself. Controlling your condition, navigating the distance - these are the two most important conditions for overcoming the marathon.

Stepan Kiselev: all runners have one road, the final stop is a marathon

My first marathon: 20 weeks to prepare

Training plan to prepare for 42 km 195 m.

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