Starter set: top gear for the perfect run

It is hard to deny that the right equipment and running accessories can make the very process of running much more comfortable, which means that there is much more chance that the very first morning run there will not become the last, but the very first and important run will bring results to the piggy bank of personal achievements. We reached out to our experts in the running community to figure out what should be in your backpack at launch. Olya Maykopova, a participant of last year's Elbrus World Race, will help us to collect a bag to the mountains, and we will prepare for the first serious race together with the coordinator of the Girls & Sole women's running club Nadia Belkus.

Your first race in the mountains

Trail running is gaining popularity day by day. There are many reasons for this. Think for yourself how great it is to turn the routine of running on the track in the gym into a real adventure. For those who are not yet familiar with the specifics of the trail, I would like to add that this type of distance does not always imply running in its classic manifestation: somewhere you have to walk along a narrow mountain path along the stream, and somewhere climb a mountain - in general , you need to be prepared for anything. Here's what's on our list of essential trail running essentials.

1. Windbreaker or raincoat - the weather in the mountains is very changeable, besides, in the process you will have a serious climb, which means that the gentle sun at the start can be deceiving.

2. Water - in the process of running, the human body is greatly dehydrated, so it is so important that there is always a saving liquid at hand.

3. A fitness tracker is your indispensable assistant at a distance, in addition to the standard set of functions (counting steps, calories, travel time), smartwatches are often equipped with GPS, so you will definitely not get lost at a distance.

4. A small towel is an indispensable tool in the fight against hot or humid weather.
5. Sunglasses - due to the changeable weather in the mountains, you need to be prepared for any weather conditions.

6. Ascorbinka is a compact source of vitamin C that will help you recharge in a timely manner at a distance.

Starter set: top gear for the perfect run

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

Olya Maykopova , participant of the Elbrus World Race: At the very beginning, be sure to take a bottle of water, super-light windbreaker, glasses. You can take a towel, I did not use it, although when it is very hot, it is convenient to wet it with water and cool it down. A fitness tracker to track your time and calculate your pace. Also, as far as I remember, a certain amount of time was given to pass the first part of the route on Elbrus (about half the distance). And if you did not have time, then you can not go further. Keeping track of time is necessary for those who do not know how to calculate their strength, so as not to fizzle out completely. Be sure to take ascorbic acid with you - vitamin C and glucose give energy and help you to continue the route in difficult sections.

Life hack: easy to saveTo save space in your backpack, if you take a bottle of Aqua Minerale Active water to the mountains, which already contains B vitamins, magnesium, potassium.

Ideal set for a morning run

Seriously need to be taken not only for preparation for the competition, but also for the first run in my life. Indeed, perhaps many more people would go out every morning to run in the park or the nearest stadium near the house, if they had taken their first running workout more seriously. Let's figure out what to put in your backpack.

Starter set: top gear for the perfect run

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

1. Water - at the first sign of dehydration, the body stops working at full strength, as a result of training, they do not bring results. In order to achieve the first noticeable results, it is worth remembering that sport is impossible without the competent and timely use of clean drinking water. This is why it is so important to replenish fluid reserves in the body on time.

2. Fitness tracker - monitor your heart rate, time and remaining distance in real time.

3. Proven sneakers - everything new is well forgotten old. Take your time to put on a new pair of shoes from the store, because new sneakers may be too hard or chafe your feet, even if the size is perfect.

4. Phone and headphones - listen to your favorite music, get inspired and run only forward.

The perfect playlist will help you find a comfortable running pace. Try running to a variety of tracks and find out for yourself which beat is more comfortable to move to. Or maybe you like to run to Mozart's sonatas?

5. Phone case - Hand movement is a very important part of running. A handy phone case that fits over your hand, perfect for a morning run.

6. A wristband is a good substitute for a small towel.

The first serious distance

Your first race of the top ten, and maybe even a half marathon, will soon take place - this means that it is time to thoroughly prepare. And it's not even about daily training, but about the correct selection of accessories that will accompany you on a distance.

Starter set: top gear for the perfect run

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva , Championship

1. The T-shirt is yours, comfortable, time-tested.

2. Windbreaker - in case of unpredictable weather. Many starts take place early in the morning, so even if at the height of the day they promise a stable 20 degrees, you should not expect that running in one T-shirt will be comfortable in the morning.

3. Medical certificate - do not forget to go through a doctor's examination, in most races such an examination can be done on the site itself, but if the organizers do not declare the presence of such a zone or you want to get a starter package in advance, take care of obtaining the certificate yourself. This is important, perhaps even more important than a properly selectedT-shirt and windbreaker, because without this document your first race simply will not take place.

4. A fitness tracker is a handy thing for those who want to accurately measure the distance covered, mileage, and most importantly, stay in touch with their friends and subscribers on social networks. Almost every smart bracelet will promptly send you a notification about a call, message or a new like on the photo from the start.

5. Phone, headphones and a case on the hand - the phone can be easily replaced with a player, here is a matter of taste. But running the top ten to your favorite tracks should be very cool. Try it!

6. Water - all experts agree on one thing, there is no drinking regimen at a distance, follow the natural reactions of your body and drink as much as you want. Please note that if the distance is not very long, we recommend that you check with the organizers for the availability of drinking areas along the route.

Choose a convenient bottle without a cap or use a special sports bottle. When creating this collection, we opted for Aqua Minerale Active because of the correct neck shape, which will allow you to quench your thirst and not spill water on yourself while running. In addition, it contains vitamins and minerals that will help to replenish the water-salt balance in a timely manner

Nadya Belkus , coordinator of the Girls & Sole women's running club: Often at races with the start number you receive a T-shirt. So, I would put it straight into my backpack, because different things happen and sometimes these T-shirts may not be very in size (the mesh does not match) or the seams are not flat (then they will rub) or the armhole of the sleeves is narrower than necessary, and the person can wipe your hands with blood. There is such an unwritten rule, and we must not forget about it: there is nothing new at the race, everything must be tested before the start. And from what I would recommend, in addition to the usual set, a small belt bag that can hold a phone, card and money.

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