Star example: 9 recipes for good mood from Aglaya Tarasova

Spring has come, although in many regions this statement is still quite controversial. And along with the trend for mass weight loss before the summer season, a desire comes to us to feel good, get enough sleep and keep our psycho-emotional state normal. Indeed, after a long and cold winter, our body is severely depleted and needs to replenish its reserves of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. But if you can easily find vitamin complexes in a pharmacy, then, unfortunately, you cannot buy inspiration there. That is why we decided to talk about what helps to inspire and keep yourself in shape to all your favorite actors and stars of television screens.

In our selection, we have collected several recipes for happiness from the instagram of actress Aglaya Tarasova . Get inspired and recharge your spring mood!

Recipe 1. Change for the better

Change is the best seasoning for life. And who, if not Aglaya, can declare this with confidence. Reincarnations have long ceased to be a stage necessity for an actress, they are a part of her life. The girl constantly tries on completely different images for the sake of her roles. So, very soon a new film work with her participation will be released on the screens - on April 26, 2018, the premiere of the film Tanks will take place, in which Aglaya played one of the main roles. So we meet in the movies and watch how the fragile beauty Aglaya Tarasova will become strong and characteristic Lida Kataeva for a couple of hours.

Star example: 9 recipes for good mood from Aglaya Tarasova

Photo: Still from the movie Tanks

A little about the film: on the verge of war with Nazi Germany, engineer Mikhail Koshkin is developing a prototype of a new innovative tank T-34. To prove the uniqueness of the combat vehicle. Koshkin and his team set off for Moscow in tanks on their own. But soon the race turns into an unpredictable race, where the off-road is only the lesser of evils ... After going through a series of dangerous adventures and thanks to the impeccable technical and combat qualities of the new tanks, the heroes manage to defeat their pursuers and prove the superiority of the T-34.

Recipe 2. Get to know yourself

Nothing pleases in life so much as getting to know yourself, - writes Aglaya in her account. And it really is: it doesn't matter which of the practices you choose for this - yoga or, perhaps, morning jogging in the park. Listen to your body and to your body, they will prompt.

Recipe 3. Discard all unnecessary

Focus on love and eternal values.

Recipe 4. Apply a sense of humor

If women ruled the world, there would be no wars ... There would be just a lot of countries not talking to each other. In any situation,remember that humor is a weapon that can knock out your opponent or remove an obstacle in your path. And the result of research by scientists - laughter prolongs life - has long been a catch phrase. Therefore, there is only one way out: smile!

Recipe 5. Don't give up

Ocean under the asphalt. Remember, sometimes it takes a lot of effort to see results. The main thing is not to stop on your way! The goal is much closer than you think.

Recipe 6. Use momentum

The essence of youth is to go through self-destruction to self-development.

Recipe 7. Go in for sports

Fight laziness in the Section, wish @snn_coach patience. Everyone knows how exercise has a positive effect on human health. Physical activity contributes to weight loss, normalization of pulse and blood pressure, is the primary condition for health, strength, endurance of a person. Unfortunately, the impact of exercise on psycho-emotional well-being is much less widely discussed, but many studies have found a link between regular exercise and mental health. Exercise has a positive psychological effect, it helps to reduce depression and face the world with a smile!

Recipe 8. Take time for yourself

Remember to keep your body in good shape not only intense training in the gym helps. Do not forget about a number of simple and enjoyable procedures that will help consolidate the result and tighten the figure. The most effective in the process of losing weight are anti-cellulite manual massage and hardware LPG.

Recipe 9. Rest and enjoy

Do not forget to rest and gain strength, in the spring it is especially important to reset all the burden of winter worries and reboot your battery!

And most importantly, love your work and be happy to try on new images, because now it is a luxury that is available not only to actors and media characters. Anyone can sign up for fencing, run the first marathon or get involved in surfing. Our whole life is full of opportunities, do not miss them!

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