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Spring breakthrough: what to do to effectively and quickly dry the body?

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov - about who has a real chance to dry up for the May holidays:

The beginning of spring for the fitness industry is like the first frost for tire changers ... Day feeds the year. In pursuit of the desire to look at the pictures from the first kebabs, people are no worse than anyone else ready for great sacrifices, including financial ones. Subscriptions to fitness rooms are bought, queues line up for online Instagram marathons.

Spring breakthrough: what to do to effectively and quickly dry the body?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

And I, by the way, warmly welcome this surge of interest. Yes, the cherished goal will most likely not be achieved (you need to be realistic). Yes, rash financial spending could have been avoided. Yes, the overwhelming majority has enough emotional fuse for two or three morning runs and a week on cottage cheese and chicken with buckwheat. But there is always the same one percent that gets infected with the fitness virus, gets involved in the process, is motivated by the first results and does not quit going to the gym with the onset of warm weather, control nutrition and get better.

But let's talk today about more specific task - to bring yourself in good shape in a short time. Who has a chance to be in time by the end of April, and who needs to tune in for a slightly longer period.

Setting a goal

The first thing that is perfect is necessary to get a result, is to define it. And I'm not talking about the abstract to remove a little of the sides or tighten the buttocks, but about very specific numbers - to reduce weight by 4 kg, to lose weight at the waist by 3 cm.The more clearly the desired result is defined, the higher the likelihood of achieving it. Anyone who has read about setting SMART goals understands perfectly what it is about.

You can lose weight by 10 or 20 kg per month, but for this, the bathroom scales in your home must withstand the owner weighing 200+ kg ... It will also not be superfluous to make sure that you have issued medical insurance so that you have someone to run to save your health, shaken from such a frantic drying.

An adequate rate of weight loss can be up to 1 kg per week. And if the initial weight is already closer to normal, then even less. So let's move on to the next point.

Spring breakthrough: what to do to effectively and quickly dry the body?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Assessing the point zero

Go to the mirror and honestly tell yourself how much you like everything. If in general it is ok, but it would be necessary to have a slightly narrower waist and minus a couple of cm in the hips, then by the May holidays it is even possible to have time.

If there are noticeably more spare kilograms, then we remember arithmetic. Let's say we start on March 18th. Day D - photo on the bank of the river near the barbecue - May 1. This is a full six weeks. On average, we expect to lose 800 grams every seven days. The pace is likely to be higher at first, then slow down. But it is quite possible to count on minus 4-6 kg. (Just in case, we are talking about adequate nutrition and exercise programs, and not about 1200 burpees, etc.wha apples seven days a week! .. If this planned result upsets you, then there are exactly two options. The first one: still achieve it, rejoice and move on. Second: leave everything as it is until next season, it will suddenly resolve itself.

Choosing a method

85 percent of achieving the goal depends on nutrition. You should spend more calories per day than you get with food. How exactly it is easier for you to organize it depends on a bunch of factors. Regime of the day, habits, features of the digestive system.

I can say for sure that the calorie counting method is guaranteed to work. But he also has fierce opponents. Not everyone likes the idea of ​​always weighing and recording everything in programs. I know that great results are achieved, for example, on keto diets.
Alas, diets a la to eat a lot and a lot and tasty, while losing weight, does not exist in nature. Or they hide them from us. Whichever option you choose, please try to get past those that involve cutting fat in your diet. This is especially true for the fair sex. Multiply your weight by 0.8 to be your target grams of fat per day. The protein component of the diet should also not sink, but carbohydrates can be manipulated downward.

The second important component is load. If you just cut off the calories, then, firstly, you will get very little food and will, to put it mildly, very hungry. Secondly, the body will begin to very intensively destroy the existing muscle tissue and start up it for recycling. As a result, instead of the desired sporty silhouette, you get what is aptly called skinny fat in English - a fat thin one. This is when the numbers on the scales are pleasing, and the reflection in the mirror is frustrating.

Spring breakthrough: what to do to effectively and quickly dry the body?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Getting Started

So welcome to the gym. And not to the aerobics section, but to where the barbells, dumbbells and strength machines. You can do it twice a week, or four times. The golden mean is three workouts in seven days. Additionally, find a program that calculates your daily steps on your phone. If there is less than 5 thousand per day, it is recognized as a sedentary lifestyle. Gradually work up to 10-12 thousand steps EVERY day. If you already move a lot, but you still need to lose weight, increase the percentage by 15-20%.

People often ask: Can you train at home? In general, of course, you can. But only if it is to train, and not to take difficult poses on the rug in beautiful leggings or gracefully moving your legs to the sides, attaching a fitness elastic band to them. It is necessary at home to recreate the volume, the intensity of the loads as in the gym. That is, to have dumbbells at hand (an option - bottles of water), arrange sprints up the stairs in the entrance. And stuff like that. See what horizontal bars are in the yard. With the already mentioned fitness elastic band of the girl moThey can perform pull-ups using a bright accessory for partial leveling of gravity.

But in a specially equipped fitness center, this is, of course, much easier. Plus, for those who choose home workouts, the number of absenteeism is statistically significantly higher.

And then what?

And then share your success story with us. Send photos and reports - we will definitely publish!
Most likely, the majority will understand that there is no limit to perfection and will continue to improve the appearance. We will try to continue to supply you with useful life hacks and tips.

But what about those who are completely satisfied with the result? Then gently and smoothly exit the diet until your weight stabilizes. To do this, slightly increase the daily calorie intake and in no case reduce physical activity (steps!), Extend the subscription to the fitness center. Remember that after the May kebabs you will need fantastic pictures from the sea.

Thank you for your help in preparing and organizing the Crocus Fitness shooting on Zemlyanoy Val.

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