Female Athletes Model Like Victoria's Secret Angels

Sportswoman or Model? Try to distinguish

In the modern world, the fashion industry and sports have become closely linked. Well-known athletes are regularly invited to participate in fashion shows and commercials, while models are promoting major sports brands. In addition, representatives of both directions have a spectacular appearance and a toned body.

We have selected ten girls who regularly go in for sports. Some of them are titled athletes. Others train to look stunning on the catwalk or magazine cover. Can you tell who is in the photo in front of you: a professional athlete or a model?

Sportswoman or Model? Try to distinguish

Fitness or Photoshop? Guess what's in the photo

Try to distinguish the results of hard work in the gym from work in a photo editor.

Sportswoman or Model? Try to distinguish

Test: which of them ran the marathon? Guess from the photo

Debunking the stereotype that marathons only conquer the pros.


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