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Sports tourism: overseas events you can take part in

The year is just beginning, which means that now is the time to make plans for travel abroad. Fortunately, in 2020 you have a great chance to combine business with pleasure and not just go on vacation to the country of your dreams, but also fully test your strength there. In our traditional selection of sporting events, we tell you what large-scale events you can take part in if you are going to dash abroad. And it's up to you to run a major marathon or travel around Europe without money, but with a baggage of unforgettable emotions.

Red Bull Can You Make It?

When? April 21-28
Where? Europe

Are you a student and have long wanted to travel to Europe in such a way that the trip would bring the minimum cost? Easy! You can become a member of a seven-day trip to Western countries without money or a mobile phone. You can only carry Red Bull cans as currency. Such an extreme race will cheer you up better than any race!

In different cities you will have special check-points with tasks for which the team will be awarded points. While traveling, you will upload content to social networks from a special gadget to feel like a real travel blogger. Gather a team and set yourself up a tough challenge. The success and comfort of the trip depends only on your charisma.

Apply and learn more about the event.

Sports tourism: overseas events you can take part in

Crazy Eurotrip: how to get from Rome to Amsterdam is absolutely free?

No money, no mobile phones and in the company of best friends.

Sports tourism: overseas events you can take part in

How to swim in open water. Tips for Beginners

Important tips to help you feel confident in open water.

X-Waters Montenegro 2020

When? May 23
Where? Bay of Kotor, Risan, Montenegro
Distances: 1 mile / 4.5 km / 7 km

For those wishing to see Montenegro and at the same time conquer the waters of the Bay of Kotor, we advise you to hurry up with registration for the large-scale X-WATERS swim. The main thing is to know how to swim, and you can do it in any style and always for your pleasure.

An amazing feature of the competition is that the participant not only overcomes the path from start to finish, but also admires the nature of one of the the most beautiful places in Montenegro. Long-distance routes run between two islands, St. George and Gospa od Skrpela, which are famous for their rich history. The organizers have also prepared separate competitions for children: 50 and 200 meters.

To participate, you will need paid registration andmedical certificate.

X-WATERS Vienna 2020

When: June 26-27
Where: Danube river, Vienna, Austria
Distances: 1 km / 1.6 km / 2.5 km / 5 km / 10 km / 21 km

Sports tourism: overseas events you can take part in


And on the X-WATERS swim in Vienna, participants will conquer the Danube. As a bonus, you can make a profitable weekend in the Austrian capital. By the way, both swimming pros and amateur beginners can register for the event without fear. Because there is practically no current in these river waters.

To participate, you will need a paid registration, which will open soon, and a medical certificate.


When? June 28
Where? Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
Distance: 112.6 km

If you are planning to dash to America and are not afraid of long distances, then a prestigious triathlon start on the most beautiful track awaits you in Idaho. This test is not for the faint of heart, because the participants are waiting for 1.6 km by swimming, 90 km by bike and 20 km by jogging.

The picturesque landscapes of Coeur d'Alene may make you come back and go to the start again - next year. After all, the path of triathletes passes through a literally untouched area of ​​the state: through a flowering forest and a glacier.

To participate, you will need a paid registration and a medical certificate.

Sports tourism: overseas events you can take part in

Is triathlon expensive? How much does it cost to prepare and participate in the race

Understanding if everyone can afford to become a triathlete.

Sports tourism: overseas events you can take part in

One Day To Marathon: How To Prepare To Run The Race To The End

Carbohydrate Loading, Power Distribution, Proper Equipment - And Other Tips From A Seasoned Runner.

TCS New York City Marathon

When? September 27
Where? New York, USA
Distance: 42.2 km

We continue our tour of the USA with a story about the New York Marathon. Every year, athletes and amateurs from over 100 countries come to the event to plunge into the atmosphere of one of the best sports events in the world. Last year, 53,637 people finished the race! If you also want to get to the start, then you have to participate in the lottery or fulfill the qualification standard. Spoiler alert: you will have to run so fast that it's better to hope for luck.

Applications for participation in the marathon will begin on January 30th and will last until February 13th, and a drawing will be held on February 26th. Good luck! And do not forget about the medical certificate.
More on the .

Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships

When? February 29 - June 27
Where? Nine countries around the world

An option for those who have not yet decided on their travel plans for the year. This year the event did not come to Russia, but fans of the pump track can register to participate in the qualifying tournaments from Red Bull in one of nine countries around the world. For example, in February, riders will go to Lesotho, in June participants will conquer the tracks of Switzerland, Canada and Sweden, in March - the UAE, New Zealand, France and China. Germany will host the event in May, and the US will host the competition in April. 110 men and the same number of women are allowed for each qualifying stage.

Registration is required to participate.
More details.

Sports tourism: overseas events you can take part in

At the start of 2020. Major sporting events of the coming year

Large-scale events that you should definitely take part in.

This summer's festivities and the future of sports tourism

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