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Sports on vacation: how not to abandon your workout while on vacation

Even dedicated sports fans sometimes want to give up training for a couple of weeks. We are sure that the biggest temptation arises during vacation, when every day you want to enjoy a legitimate vacation, and not sweat in the gym. However, completely stopping to exercise is not the best body option that you worked so hard on before traveling. How to find a way out of this twofold situation, says the trainer of the World Class network Alexander Karpov .

Why is it important not to give up training even while on vacation?

To achieve a result in training, the principle of the continuity of the training process is very important - regardless of goals. In addition, in the absence of stimulus (that is, training) to trigger changes in the body, the latter will willingly get rid of muscles and begin to store fat.

Sports on vacation: how not to abandon your workout while on vacation


What happens to the body during periods of inactivity? There are several factors involved. For example, how many times a week did you usually work out, what is your training experience, goals pursued in the classroom, lifestyle, and so on. But in any case, a break of three weeks is a long enough time to lose some condition. By example: I train every day, and a break of three weeks is a minimum of 21 workouts skipping. Accordingly, after a pause, you will have to make up!

Sports on vacation: how not to abandon your workout while on vacation

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We are changing the training plan to give ourselves a rest

To stay in shape, but at the same time relax on the trip, you can make your workout shorter in time, perhaps a little easier on the load, and include exercises that involve a large number of muscles of the whole body. Perfect for a vacation or a business trip - in conditions of lack of time and equipment - circuit training.

When traveling, I think it is best to exercise in the morning so that you can devote the rest of your time directly to what the trip was for. If the rest is not very active and in hot climates, then you can set aside time for a workout during the day, when it is hottest, and do it in a cool room or gym.

Sports on vacation: how not to abandon your workout while on vacation


Well, the best motivation on vacation: if you want to eat deliciously, you have to work out. After all, one cannot relax without consequences. The basic principle does not change: if you consume more, spend more. The composition of the food basket is also important, you should not abuse the forbidden.

Is there anything you can replace the usual training while traveling?

Strength training can only be replaced with a similar type of load. That is, it will not be possible to replace the lesson in the weighted hall with a walk, but you can perform a circular trtraining using your own body weight. But if we are talking about cardio, then there is a whole expanse: walking, swimming, cycling, running, sports games.

Sports on vacation: how not to abandon your workout while on vacation

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Bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere

When going on a trip, it is important to think over a training plan in advance. Not all hotels have gyms - a factor that should also be considered. This set of exercises is suitable for practicing anywhere without any equipment. Try to select the number of repetitions so that they are not abandoned, but also not too easy.

Exercises are performed in a circle, rest depends on the level of physical fitness, you don't need to rest. And don't forget about ten minutes of warm-up! For the more advanced fitness enthusiast, do as many laps as possible in 45 minutes.

Plyometric lunges

Starting position: standing in a lunge, support on the front leg, the body is slightly tilted forward, the back is straight.

With a push of the leg that is in front, jump up, straighten completely and change legs. You need to land in the starting position, but so that the other leg is in front.

Push-ups from the floor

Starting position: lying position, the hands are located under the shoulder joints, slightly wider than the shoulders, the shoulder blades are brought to each other, the back is straight.

Keeping the position, bend your arms at the elbow joints and go down. Then smoothly return to starting position.

Sports on vacation: how not to abandon your workout while on vacation


Extension of the forearms in support

Starting position: lying on the forearms, arms shoulder-width apart, forearms parallel to each other, back straight.

At the same time and in a controlled manner, unbend your forearms, go to the support position and return to the starting position.

Sports on vacation: how not to abandon your workout while on vacation

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Lying torso bends

Starting position: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, arms behind your head.

Bend your torso and lift your shoulder blades off the floor without helping yourself with your hands. Then return to the starting position.

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