Sports nutrition: the 5 most popular fitness supplements

Following the desire to lose weight, we sometimes rush out of the fire and into the fire. Someone advised to switch to a sports nutrition for one hundred percent result, and we rush to the sports nutrition store with all our might. We went in - eyes run up from an assortment of beautiful jars with bodybuilders on labels and unprecedented names. What will benefit, and what is the money down the drain? The championship figured out what the most popular types of sports nutrition are for and how to eat it.

Protein (isolate)

  • What is it: protein, which is vital for a person, like fats and carbohydrates.
  • What for: accelerates tissue regeneration, reduces the amount of bad cholesterol, strengthens immunity, increases endurance, repairs damage and injuries, promotes effective muscle growth and fat burning.
  • How to use: 2-3 times a day, 30-60 grams, depending on goals and body weight. An hour before training - for muscle growth, after training - for quick recovery and relieve stomach function. Dilute powder with water or milk. An overdose of protein does not promise effects on the figure, but allergies, bloating and diarrhea can happen.
  • What you can combine with: BCAA's will enhance the effects of pre-workout protein; a gainer will maintain a balance of protein and carbohydrates for mass gain.
  • Popular brands: Optimum Nutrition, Syntrax, Ultimate Nutrition, Maxler, Red Star Labs.
Sports nutrition: the 5 most popular fitness supplements



  • What is it: a supplement consisting of 30% protein and 50-70% carbohydrates + a small amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Well suited for ectomorphs (people of lean build), not recommended for athletes prone to overweight.
  • Why: to gain weight and muscle mass, as well as recover from grueling workouts.
  • How to use: 2-3 times every day, if at least an hour before training, then the supplement will accelerate the muscles, if after, it will work for the fastest regeneration. After achieving the result (mass gain), you can switch to a mixture of a gainer and protein. Do not cook the gainer with boiling water so as not to destroy the protein.
  • What you can combine with: A gainer with carbohydrates helps to better absorb creatine. The combination with protein helps to maintain a balance of proteins and carbohydrates. It is allowed to combine with vitamin-mineral and anabolic complexes.
  • Popular brands: Optimum Nutrition, Maxler, Scitec Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, Red Star Labs.


  • What is it: a complex of amino acids necessary for the body - leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are not synthesized by the body on its own. They can be obtained from foods (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese) or by drinking special supplements like BCAAs.
  • What for: a person needs to build muscle tissue, quicklyrecovery after physical exertion. The complex also improves health by replenishing the lack of amino acids. Drink often while drying.
  • How to use: 1-3 times daily for 4-8 grams. For example, in the morning, before training, to build up a reserve, and after, to make up for losses. The most convenient form of release is capsules, but there is still powder and tablets (compressed powder).
  • What can be combined with: with all types of sports nutrition. For mass gain, it is recommended to combine with a protein / gainer, creatine and anabolic complexes.
  • Popular manufacturers: Ultimate Nutrition, RPS Nutrition, Scitec Nutrition, VP Laboratory.
Sports nutrition: the 5 most popular fitness supplements



  • What is it: acid that improves and accelerates metabolism.
  • What for: Increase endurance, quick recovery after intense physical exertion and reduce fatigue. Promotes muscle growth and weight loss with proper exercise and proper nutrition.
  • How to use: before training for 1-1.5 months, after a few weeks, the intake can be repeated, but it is not recommended to drink the supplement for more than 6 months. Liquid L-Carnitine is better absorbed than capsules or powder.
  • What can be combined with: with all types of sports nutrition.
  • Popular manufacturers: GEON, Maxler, VP Laboratory, SAN, Scitec Nutrition.

Fat Burners

  • What is it: tablets, capsules and powders to speed up metabolism and break down fat. Three types of fat burners are popular - thermogenics (increase the activity of an athlete), lipotropics (speed up the metabolism) and blockers of calories and nutrients (prevent the absorption of carbohydrates / fats from the intestine).
  • What for: help to lose weight and give the body a relief.
  • How to use: before meals 1-2 times a day for a month, otherwise addictive. Do not drink the drug in the evening or before bed to avoid insomnia. They don't work without exercise and proper nutrition.
  • What can be combined with: so that the body does not destroy muscles during hunger, it is recommended to combine it with protein, BCAA or amino acid complexes. To enhance the fat burning effect, it is recommended to use with L-carnitine.
  • Popular brands: Nutrex, GEON, Scitec Nutrition, Weider, MusclePharm.

Do not forget that sports nutrition should be taken in conjunction with exercise and diet. By themselves, fat burners, gainers and other supplements rarely work, and if you use them and sit in the office for days on end, the effect may be the opposite of what you expected. Be careful and carefully read the instructions for use of the drug.

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