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Sports nutrition for dummies: how to take and choose

Today #CoachAnswers to one of the most popular questions - how to choose sports nutrition for your goals. An expert on this topic was again the elite trainer of World Class Anton Kotov .

Some time ago, people absolutely calmly did without protein, amino acids, fat burners and other similar products. Now, almost every exercising person can boast of a whole arsenal of supplements that take pride of place in the daily diet. Here we have L-carnitine, which is used before training for active fat burning, and BCAA, which nourishes the muscles after exercise, and a complex of vitamins and minerals that ensure normal functioning and more active recovery.

I will try to cover the main categories of supplements , which are now on the market and will briefly express my opinion on their effectiveness in achieving the result - the figure of my dreams. It's up to everyone to accept it or not.

Sports nutrition for dummies: how to take and choose


For weight loss

What people will not do to make our body lose weight. Since we are talking about correct, environmentally friendly weight loss, it will consist in reducing the fat component, without any loss of muscle mass. It is worth noting that often during training, the body weight may not change at all, which panics the fair sex, because it is they who are more often guided by the readings of the weights. “I have been studying for two months now and have not lost a gram of weight! What to do?!" In this case, first of all, it is necessary to analyze body composition - if your fat percentage has decreased, while muscle mass has increased, and body volumes have begun to decrease, then this is a positive trend and you are on the right track!

However , if it is important for you that the scales show the coveted number, then you need to revise the daily diet.

Speaking of supplements for weight loss, it is worth mentioning L-carnitine, which is involved in the process of fat utilization. According to some reports, the main effect is due to the fact that L-carnitine increases energy, so people are ready to work out longer and more efficiently, using more energy.

Can supplements help you to get rid of extra pounds? This fact is worth questioning, since it is difficult to assess the real effect of a particular product. However, many supplements work on a placebo effect. I highly recommend consulting your doctor about the appropriateness and feasibility of using any such products.

Sports nutrition for dummies: how to take and choose


For gaining muscle mass

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, this is a completely different story. In order for your body to create any structures, including protein - they are essentially the basis of muscles - you need an appropriatetraining process, competent recovery regimen and positive or at least supporting energy balance. That is, you should eat more calories with food than you expend in a day, or at least the same amount. There are an infinite number of gadgets on the market to determine calorie consumption per day. The most prominent example is fitness trackers. It is worth saying that some of them allow a fairly accurate assessment of this indicator.

In addition, in order to gain muscle mass, it is necessary that the diet be compiled taking into account the correct proportions of macronutrients, in particular, it must contain the proper amount of protein , which is the focus of the manufacturers of sports supplements, offering the consumer all kinds of variations - amino acids (these are the components of the protein chains from which muscles are built), BCAA (the same amino acids, only here there are three main ones, which participate in protein synthesis - leucine, isoleucine, valine), protein (this word is generally literally translated as “protein”, which can be represented by various variations, for example, whey, egg, complex). These supplements are advisable if you have a low protein diet. It is important to note that if your diet provides a positive or supportive energy balance, there is likely to be enough protein to increase muscle volume.

Supplements for muscle growth often include creatine . Note that creatine is involved in the energy supply of muscles, increasing strength indicators, which is important for strength training aimed at gaining muscle mass, and also, according to some studies, enhances the cognitive functions of the brain. In general, we can say that creatine increases performance by improving energy supply during exercise.

Briefly about post-workout complexes. Of course, after the lesson, compensation for resource costs is necessary. For this, gainers are most often used - a mixture of an easily digestible protein with a complex of carbohydrates. They then have to start the recovery process. Carbohydrates - to replenish carbohydrate stores used up during training, proteins - to build muscle. Just don't forget that recovery is a long process, and it does not end with an hour after training. That is why it is not worth relying on the fact that you will drink a gainer and the muscles will begin to grow. Once again, the key to this question will be an effective combination of the right workouts, a daily routine and a surplus diet.

Sports nutrition for dummies: how to take and choose

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For recovery and maintenance

Vitamin complexes, which are designed to speed up the recovery process, are constantly debated. Do you need to use them? How regularly during training is it necessary to drink vitamin courses?

Vitamins and minerals undoubtedly play crainu important role in the functioning of our body. At the same time, there are opinions that our body does not need their additional intake at all, if such a doctor has not prescribed it. By the way, according to some insurance companies, taking vitamin complexes can even reduce life expectancy. I don't know if this is true or not, but I see the logic in the following. Many people explain the need for the use of additional vitamin and mineral complexes as a result of technical progress. Why? This hypothesis is based on the fact that over the past century, human physical activity has sharply decreased due to the invention of modern means of transportation, as well as household amenities. For example, in the 19th century, in order to provide themselves with water, people had to go to the well with a bucket, and then bring this bucket home. Or, in order to heat the stove for cooking, it was necessary to first prepare a supply of firewood.

Nowadays, with a decrease in physical activity, the body needs a lower calorie diet to maintain vital activity. As a result, we get less vitamins and minerals. This is where supplement manufacturers come to the rescue! After all, the human body is arranged in the same way as a couple of hundred years ago, which means that he does not receive enough vitamins with the usual diet.

However, there is one nuance in all this reasoning. Throughout the entire existence of mankind, our body has survived due to the fact that it has an extremely important feature - the ability to adapt to any changes in the environment. Therefore, in my opinion, if our physical activity changes, then the body can adapt to this. That is why the intake of additional vitamin and mineral complexes becomes unnecessary.

Summing up

A person is made like this - perhaps also because of laziness, which, as you know, is the engine of progress - that will always look for the shortest, yet super-efficient method that will allow you to reach the goal as quickly as possible. And often it comes down to choosing a magic pill, powder, secret weight loss technique that will instantly get what you want. However, this does not take into account the obvious fact. Success is always the result of hard work, discipline, perseverance and regular action that must be repeated day in and day out. You should not rely on sports nutrition as a kind of panacea, thanks to which the achievement of results will be as easy as two or two.

I will add that I achieved my best shape when I completely stopped taking sports supplements, and, based on my experience , knowledge and skills, set a goal, made an algorithm and began to move. Everything is possible, the main thing is to have motivation, organization and the desire to achieve the cherished results.

Sports Nutrition: Diet and Nutritional Supplements

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