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Sports helped a popular blogger out of depression. Ana Delia's Motivating Story

Ana Delia de Iturrondo was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Since childhood, she has been engaged in swimming and gymnastics. Her father was quite strict and suffered from bipolar disorder. The girl often had to endure domestic quarrels between her parents, stress greatly affected her psyche. And then there was an irreparable loss in her life. But it was playing sports that helped her get out of a difficult condition. Now Ana Delia is a famous fitness model with almost half a million followers on Instagram. Here's the secret of her success.

Sports helped a popular blogger out of depression. Ana Delia's Motivating Story

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How did sports change Ana Delia's life?

Sport allowed Delia to take a break from domestic problems and also survive her father's death from cancer. According to Ana, he died in her arms, which caused her to become deeply depressed. The girl even stopped going to the gym.

After a while, Ana was accepted into the Next modeling agency in Miami. She flew there and stayed with relatives. But two weeks later I learned about the death of my brother in a motorcycle accident. Returning to Puerto Rico, the blogger once again plunged into deep experiences and depressing feelings. According to Delia, she did not have the strength to live on. She gained weight and didn’t even want to leave the house so as not to be seen by her friends.

Ana was pulled out of a difficult situation by her family and friends. With the help and love of my family, friends and God, I slowly began to recuperate. I remember how I cried once and still could not speak, and the fitness divas were shown on TV. I looked and thought, how I want to be like them, - the girl said in an interview.

But at that moment she had no desire to have a beautiful physique. Most of all, the blogger wanted to get out of a terrible state and return to normal life, to find the meaning of further existence. Ana gradually started going to the gym, and then began to devote more and more time to training. Later, the girl took second place in the NPC Bikini competition. She began to combine modeling and fitness in the gym. According to the girl, bodybuilding changed her life and gave her new goals.

Sports helped a popular blogger out of depression. Ana Delia's Motivating Story

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Motivation - for new goals

Today, 40-year-old Ana Delia continues to set different tasks for oneself and find an incentive in this. My motivation comes from wanting to achieve my goals.and see how far I can go beyond my capabilities. My family also gives me motivation, as they are the reason why I breathe. One of my goals is to always be able to help them, the fitness model admitted.

Ana often shares her own experiences, thoughts and workouts with her Instagram followers. This also gives her an additional reason to develop further. According to the blogger, the ability to change someone's life for the better makes her a happy person.

In the gym, the fitness model prefers circuit workouts, namely complex exercises, triple set and giant set. She also enjoys doing drop sets for different muscle groups. Such workouts are intense enough and do not take much time.

Sports helped a popular blogger out of depression. Ana Delia's Motivating Story

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Ana believes that people shape their future. And only they can choose the direction in which they want to move and develop. Delia advises subscribers not to let circumstances dictate their terms, and also encourages people to make wise decisions.

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