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Sports bro: 5 exercises for real men

In strength training, it is more important than ever to monitor how well an exercise is performed. Since weighed ourselves with extra weight, we significantly increase the risk of injury for each squat and swing. In our selection, we have collected five of the most popular exercises that you can easily include in your daily workout.

Front squats

Squats with a barbell on the chest, or front squats - a basic exercise in crossfit workout. Front squats work your quadriceps, glutes, and calf muscles. This exercise helps to build a strong lower back, strong glutes and strong abdominal muscles, which allows you to develop the body evenly.


Burpee is a high-intensity cyclic exercise without weight. To achieve the effect, it must be done quickly. Fun Fact: Burpees burn 50% more fat than standard strength training, boosting metabolism for the rest of the day, perfect for weight loss and drying.

Incline press

The technique of performing any exercise with a barbell is important even for those who have been involved in strength fitness for a long time. If you prefer machines in the gym to home workouts, be sure to learn the correct bench press technique.

Kettlebell swing

Weight training activates various muscle groups. The organism works as a whole at runtime. Kettlebells improve stretching, develop endurance and balance. In strength training, they can be used for a variety of exercises. The kettlebell swing is a serious strength exercise. Before doing it, the muscles must be warmed up and ready for the load.

Hyperextension with rubber

Basic exercise for working out the back. In the gym, it is performed on a special simulator called a Roman chair. Hyperextension at home is possible if you have sports rubber or a tourniquet on hand.

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