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Sports break in squash. How offline clubs survive in quarantine

Spring 2020 determined the lifestyle of all mankind and clearly slowed down the pace. In such conditions, only the one survives who adapts to the prevailing realities the fastest, no matter how far they are from the comfort zone. The sports industry was one of the first to take this blow, so now, after a month in self-isolation, we can talk about the intermediate results of the transition to the online mode. Oddly enough, young squash can be called one of the leaders of the industry this spring.

10 years ago only fans of British culture and fans of the movie Rabbit Hole knew about the existence of squash, three years ago - adherents of a healthy lifestyle and all kinds of new its manifestations. Today, about 140 squash courts are open in Russia, and 123 professional players took part in the last Russian championship. In 2018, Squash was requested from Yandex a little less than 32 thousand times, in 2019 this figure increased to 94 thousand.For any large sports federation, these numbers are quite modest, but the more striking is the path that Russian squash has taken in the last five years.

Squash is the most offline sport, but the unwillingness of squash clubs to let their audience go has created a whole network of online activities that were in demand not only by squash players.

Online training

This is difficult to surprise someone from the very beginning of the period of self-isolation. Fitness clubs, studios, and personal trainers instantly went online and urged people to keep fit while staying at home. Squash clubs and federations are no exception. Today the community offers a wide variety of workouts for every taste. And although squash players find it difficult to do without hitting the ball on the court, general physical training, coordination and stretching cannot be done without. By the way, you can also hit the ball.

The National Squash Center, in turn, has teamed up with the top British EliteSquash , which makes online training not only more effective, but also more useful ... After the lesson, meetings with top athletes from different countries take place.

Social networks and engagement

In addition to training, other activities have increased in social networks. Squash community members support each other, share pleasant memories and engage their audience in communication. Ivan Borodin, vice-president of the Squash Federation in Moscow and head of the PR department of the Russian Squash Federation says:


Another important point in sports is educational. After all, squash is not only about physical fitness and technique, but also about strategy. The Federation is trying not only to keep athletes in good shape, but also to improve the qualifications of the personnel who train and judge them. There is an additionaltraining sessions for trainers of different levels through live broadcasts. The topics of such broadcasts are divided in different directions: tactical analysis of the game, analysis of various styles, development of the training process and everything that can help the coach to bring the ward to a high result.

Similar training is carried out with students in clubs. Squash courts did not limit themselves to their resources and began to invite foreign guests who occupy leading positions in the world rankings.


The federation has a full-time sports psychologist who participates in conversations and helps players, both professional and amateur, to go through this difficult path of isolation from the court and maintain the right attitude.

This is a difficult period for the sports industry, but now it is more important than ever to make every effort to return to the usual conditions without losing, but only gaining.

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