Sports brands: Ibrahimovic courts, Hotel Ronaldo and sweatshirts from Domracheva

All popular athletes, in addition to club contracts, have personal agreements with well-known companies. Today, no one will be surprised to see a popular player in an ad for chips or shampoo. However, the latest trend among athletes is the creation of their own brand. Someone simply participates in the development of a collection of clothes, shoes and accessories together with popular clothing brands, and someone starts their sports business from a small shop on Instagram.

AZ by Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The famous Swedish footballer recently launched his own brand called AZ. Moreover, the footballer takes an active part in promoting the brand. There are many brand-related ads on his social media pages.

In addition Ibrahimovic not so long ago started to produce his own perfume:

And at the beginning of the year Zlatan opened courts for paddle tennis at home. Paddle tennis is a type of tennis. Now the Swedish striker is actively giving interviews and telling the media about his new project. In the near future, the player wants to open a couple more courts in different cities.

He, of course he invites his friends from Manchester United there. So recently, Paul Pogba visited the court.

No sweet no Shved - Alexey Shved

Two years ago, Russian basketball player Alexei Shved announced the launch of his clothing line. The sportsman's slogan was chosen by the speaker - No sweet no Shved.

First in the line the famous basketball player included only T-shirts and baseball caps. Later, stickers and phone cases were added to the collection. The Swede's signature gesture is printed on the print of clothes and accessories.

CR7 - Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo advertised everything from the famous shampoo advertisement to the Russian bank. In addition to contracts with popular brands of clothing, footwear, Ronaldo advertises headphones, phones, various products for balanced nutrition, weight control and beauty care. p>

Apparently, having decided to capture all possible niches, Ronaldo took part in advertising of suitcases for travel and even a factory.

However, the Portuguese's main love remains his ownbrand - CR7. If earlier it was only clothes, boots and underwear, now the list of products produced by the brand has increased significantly.

Recently, Ronaldo presented to the world a new denim collection - CR7 Denim. A special collection for children was also created, in which advertising, of course, Ronaldo Jr. took part.

In the lineup of the popular brand you can even find CR7Fragrance ...

... and Pestana CR7 hotel:

Patience by Cody Miller-McIntyre

BC Parma basketball player Cody Miller-McIntyre also opened an online store where he sells a line of clothing of his own design. Cody called it Patience.

The collection of the famous basketball player includes original jerseys , shorts, also caps, hoodies and knee pads.

Daria Domracheva's online store

Biathlete, four-time Olympic champion and two-time world champion Daria Domracheva opened her online store.

The collection of clothes from the famous athlete includes a variety of T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, overalls for girls, men and children.

You can also buy accessories on the website and official pages: bags, hats, baseball caps, stickers, notebooks, covers, magnets.

TGR - Tiger Woods

Despite all the scandals that the famous golfer got into, he remains on the list of the richest athletes in the world. Tiger Woods, in addition to golf, is often featured in advertisements for popular brands such as Nike, Rolex, EA Sports.

However, the athlete did not stop there, he also has his own brand - TGR. However, under this brand, he does not create clothes, like others, but participates in the development of golf courses.

In addition, TGR includes the TGR Foundation, which was organized by Tiger back in 1996. Woods often organizes and runs various charity events.

Malkin by Evgeny Malkin

Last year, the famous Russian hockey player Evgeny Malkin rI wanted to launch my own clothing line. There are not so many products so far: T-shirts for adults, accessories with the name of the Russian hockey player. There is also a special family collection for parents and children.

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