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Sports at the weekend: the best activities of the coming weekends

Hot summer days are not a reason to stay at home. In the next two weeks, you will definitely not be bored. We have prepared a selection of the most interesting sports activities that would be a big mistake to skip.


When? Until June 30

Where? Gorki Gorod Resort, Sochi

Snowboard and ski summer camp is already in full swing in Sochi, but don't worry, you also have time for it. The camp will be open until June 30th. The organizer is professional snowboarder Denis Bonus Leontyev. Participants ride on a 300-meter track in the Circus-2 zone, its lower mark is 2050 meters above sea level.


Charity Run Uniting Russian Cities

When? June 29

Where? Izmailovsky Park, Moscow

Distances: 3 km, 5 km, 10 km, 20 km

Just note that this is not just a charity race, but a start with cool prizes. The main one is a trip to the sea and participation in a 4-day retreat with a kundalini yoga teacher. In total, about 100 additional nominations will be raffled off with no less valuable awards in the form of subscriptions to yoga, martial arts, cinema and theater tickets. The program also includes a unique martial arts festival with musical accompaniment from the best DJs in Moscow.


Race of Heroes

When? 29 June

Where? Military training ground Alabino, Moscow

Race of heroes is always a challenge to yourself. Gather your team or look for like-minded people among the same lonely daredevils. And remember that, despite the complexity of the tests, there is room for participants with any background. Believe in yourself, and then everything will work out for sure!


Epicenter Esports Tournament

When? June 28 - June 29

Where? CSKA-Arena, Moscow

Fans not only to play Dota 2, but also to see how others do it, are expected in one of the main sports complexes of the capital. 16 strongest teams from around the world will compete for a total prize pool of one million dollars. It will be hot!

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When? June 29-30

Where? Design-plant Flacon, Moscow

An incredible choice of vegetarian products, the right street food and tasting - what else do you need to be happy? Even avid meat-eaters should go. We are sure that the festival will still surprise you. In addition to food, there will be music, a swimming pool, and even lectures. You will definitely not be bored. By the way, admission is free.


Exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as a New Politics. 2030-2100

When? From June 28

Where? Garage Museum, Gorky Park, Moscow

An exhibition with a difficult title will open the doors for everyone who is concerned about environmental issues. More than 50 artists from all over the world will take part in it.

Among the participants can be found British artist Lawrence, who works with virtual reality, ItalianYang self-taught self-taught world famous Maurizio Cattelana, American art feminist Martha Rosler and a duet of Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.



When? June 29

Where? Zavidovo, Tver region

Go on a short trip to support those who decided to conquer 27.5 km in a triathlon? Why not. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take part on your own (registration for the start is already closed), but in order to enjoy the clean water, forest air and walk in the pine forest, there is a great reason.


X-Waters Seliger 2019

When? July 5-7

Where? Oz. Seliger, Ostashkov

Distances: 1 mile, 1 km, 5 km, 11 km, relay races 3 × 1 km, 3 × 1 mile, 6 + 5 km

Seliger is one of the most beautiful lakes in Russia. The organizers will arrange a real three-day swimming festival in this place of power and incredible concentration. Three days of swimming and eight distances, a tent camp, trainings and lectures from the best experts are waiting for you. And there will definitely be children's starts and a lot of communication and new acquaintances.


Ivanovo Half Marathon Red Thread

When? July 7

Where? Ivanovo

Distances: 300 m, 600 m, 3 km, 10 km, 21 km, relay race 2 * 10,550 km

The main reason to get to the event is that the start in Ivanovo is being held for the first time. And here the main intrigue of the season remains - the ratio of the stronger and weaker sex. It is no secret that 20 percent more men compete for competitions than women. But where, if not in Ivanovo, women can break these statistics? Will it be possible to do this? Register for the race and check it out!


Night Race

When? July 13

Where? Luzhniki, Moscow

Distance: 10 km

Don't miss this unique opportunity to run along the illuminated streets of the capital. The start right after sunset, the beautiful views, the coolness in the evening and the fresh air make for a great atmosphere for a race. Registration will close very soon, so hurry up.


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