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Sports and no botox. Julia Roberts looks great at 52

Julia Roberts is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood history. Films with her participation in the world box office made a profit of two billion dollars. She has a Golden Globe Award, many Oscar nominations, as well as the love of the whole world for such iconic paintings as Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, Steel Magnolias.

Julia is 52 years old, but she still leads the ratings of the most beautiful women in the world. Roberts is in amazing physical shape and says that he does not use the services of plastic surgeons. How does she still look so great when you consider that she is already three times a mom?

Sports and no botox. Julia Roberts looks great at 52

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Baking soda is the secret of snow-white teeth

Julia has was a difficult childhood. At school, classmates constantly bullied her because of her too big mouth. Once someone called her a frog for this, and this nickname for a long time clung to the future movie star. However, Roberts made one of her main advantages out of the alleged disadvantage. Now the actress is recognized all over the world thanks to her gorgeous smile and snow-white teeth.

Julia revealed a secret by admitting that she brushes her teeth with baking soda. Not all dentists support such a solution to dental problems, noting that it does not work for everyone. But obviously this method works great on Roberts' smile. And in stores more and more often you can see toothpaste with the addition of soda.

No strict diets

With such a phenomenal figure, many fans were sure that the actress was following a severe diet and did not allow herself anything superfluous. But Julia has said more than once that she adores Italian pasta and allows herself delicious desserts. However, this does not mean giving up a reasonable and generally correct diet.

Breakfast Roberts usually consists of boiled eggs, avocado toast, coffee, fresh berries. An indispensable attribute of every actress' morning is coconut water. For lunch, she prefers grilled chicken and vegetable salad. An alternative is her favorite Italian pasta with chicken. Dinner includes fish and salad. At the same time, Julia does not deny herself a few glasses of wine, which, in her opinion, have a good effect on sleep.

Enjoyable sports

Roberts is absolutely convinced that sports should be enjoyable. Once it becomes a routine, they become useless. Julia does physical activity four times a week and spends about one hour of her time on it each time. The actress loves a variety of workouts, but prefers to do akcent on yoga and water aerobics.

Positive and no botox

Roberts assures that he does not resort to the help of plastic surgeons and does not do any injections or Botox. She just takes care of her skin thoroughly and always removes her makeup before bed. Even in those situations when after a hard day on the set there is no energy left. The actress says there is no face plastic, but she often visits the beautician and uses various masks. One of her secret beauty weapons is olive oil, with which she makes a homemade mask for face, hands and hair.

And, of course, an important factor in Roberts' excellent form is her positive attitude towards life. A sincere smile keeps her young. In addition, Julia has repeatedly said that she is not afraid to grow old and treats it philosophically. After all, this is what she cannot influence. Therefore, you need to relax and have fun.

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