Minsk: tens of thousands gather in biggest protest in Belarus history

Sports against violence: how rallies are held in Belarus

Residents of Belarus have been protesting against the results of the presidential elections for a week. The actions are exclusively peaceful. During rallies, Belarusians even find time for sports. We will tell you how this helps protesters to defend their point of view.

Why are Belarusians protesting?

According to the Central Election Commission of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko won the 2020 presidential election with 80.1% votes. Recall that he has been holding the presidency since 1994. While the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya gained 10.1%.

Not all Belarusians agree with these results, so for a week now citizens have been lining up in a chain of solidarity to express their disagreement.

A wave of protests arose at the end of May 2020, when opponents of the current government marched with posters and called on President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to leave his post. And after the August 9 vote, public discontent flared up with renewed vigor.

What is happening at the rallies?

The protests are peaceful, despite the brutality of the law enforcement agencies. Belarusians hold rallies calmly, taking care of their own country: during rallies, they go in for sports, clean up garbage after themselves, and give flowers to policemen.

So, on Thursday, August 13 in Minsk, men played chess right at the rally protest, sitting on the grass.

And the next day in the capital, Belarusians played badminton at the entrance to a state institution. One of the men had a bright inscription on their T-shirt: Sports against violence.

Not only protesters participate in sports games, but also law enforcement officials. For example, on election day in Novopolotsk, protesters played football with riot police officers.

Many fans gathered to watch the impromptu match, but instead of the usual football chants, the tribune chanted: Police with the people !.

Belarus opposition leader claims election victory and calls for peaceful protests

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