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Sport as a lifestyle. Top 5 Blogs on YouTube

You can find a lot of funny blogs on Youtube and spend almost a whole day watching them. But there are some videos, after watching which you will probably want to get out of your comfort zone. Surfing, freeriding, base jumping, equestrian sports and much more that you will definitely want to try can be found in our selection of the five most sporting youtube channels.

1. Chris McDougall

To: The channel will appeal to people for whom sport is a part of life. If you are not afraid to take risks and treat everything with humor - Chris McDougall's video is for you.

In numbers: the channel has 166 thousand subscribers and over 35 million views

What: Basejumper Chris McDougall travels around the world and jumps from the craziest locations, filming everything along the way. In addition, he shares moments from his daily life with subscribers and tries to do new sports. The channel is very dynamic, beautiful and really funny.

2. Surfer

For whom: a youtube channel for those who think that sport is stylish.

In numbers: the channel has almost 87 thousand subscribers and 15 million views

About: impressive videos of professional surfers, interviews with them, practical advice, stunning views, accompanied by great soundtracks.

3. Katerina Buida

For whom: a channel for those who really want to lose weight, but are totally against the gym.

In numbers: the channel has 180 thousand subscribers and 27 million views.

About: Combining dance moves and classical yoga asanas, Katerina Buida invented an author's training method. The girl tells her subscribers in detail about proper nutrition, stretching, training for different muscle groups and motivates by her example.

4. Alisha Burton

To: the channel will appeal to those who are sure that, first of all, sport should develop not the body, but the soul

In numbers: the channel has 122 thousand subscribers and over 18 million views

What: Alisha Burton shoots beautiful and very cute videos about equestrian sports. In them, she does not just show tricks in the arena. Particularly noteworthy are shots from everyday life and horseback riding on the seashore. After watching the video, the channel leaves a very warm impression.

5. Denis Doropey

To: a channel for those who want to get new sensations from sports and learn everything at once.

In numbers: 66 thousand subscribers and 11 million views.

About: Denis Doropey is a professional tourist. He films his sports trips around Russia, gives useful advice to subscribers and shows the beauty of nature. Denis and his family seem to have tried everything: from freeride and kayaking to marathon, and this is very motivating to get off the couch and go traveling.

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