Weird Bikes Created By Ingenious People Around The World

Spin the pedals: 5 unusual and even strange bicycles

The first two-wheeled iron horse appeared in 1818. It was designed by the German Karl von Drez. However, since then, the bicycle has been invented more than once. There are hundreds of unusual bikes in the world: no steering wheel, no seat, even no wheels. And all these are full-fledged vehicles. Here are five of the most interesting ideas.

Spin the pedals: 5 unusual and even strange bicycles

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Cardboard bike

Cardboard Alfa Bike is made of ordinary packing cardboard. The bike is lightweight, maneuverable, while maintaining a rider weighing up to 136 kilograms. You can ride it even in rainy and snowy weather. This is because the parts are soaked in resin before assembly, covered with waterproof and fireproof paint. Tires are made from recycled car tires.

The cost of such a vehicle is $ 10 - less than 800 rubles.

The creator of the cardboard bike is the Israeli inventor Yitzgar Gafni. This work took him several years. In addition to the final model, there were five more less successful ones. But Gafni didn't stop and built the world's first cardboard off-road bike.

Pocket bike

The smallest bike in our collection is only 8.4 centimeters long. And you can really ride it. The structure consists of two wheels, pedals, chain, frame, steering wheel and seat. Only you will hardly be able to sit on it.

The bicycle was designed by the inventor from Krasnodar Sergey Dashevsky. In his collection there is an iron horse even smaller - 7.5 centimeters, but he has not yet been saddled. Previously, Sergei was engaged in racing on velomobiles, became a three-time world champion and a two-time champion of the USSR. And now he wants to popularize cycling with his inventions.

Bike scooter

Pibal was created for those who cannot decide in any way. The hybrid looks like a regular bicycle, only it also has a scooter between the pedals. It was added so that at low speeds it was possible to maintain balance and continue moving, pushing off the ground with your foot. For example, if you were driving through the city and got stuck in a traffic jam. The Pibal can also be used like a regular scooter.

This model was developed by designer Philippe Starck in cooperation with Peugeot. In 2014, an exclusive collection of scooters went on sale in France.

Spin the pedals: 5 unusual and even strange bicycles

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BeA bicycle with a sail

Whike is an invention of the Dutchman Frege Twight. This is a recumbent tricycle with a 1.6 meter high sail. It is he who allows you to pick up speed up to 50 km / h with a tailwind. In Europe, Whike is even registered as an official vehicle.

The bike weighs 23 kilograms, and itself is able to withstand up to 115. The price of the model in the basic configuration is € 5500 - about half a million rubles. You can control the sailboat using special levers. It's not easy to do, but if you learn it, you can even travel on it. Blogger Dave Cornthwaite sailed 1,600 kilometers and filmed it for his YouTube channel.

Snorkeling bike

SeaBike may well replace an electric scooter for diving, while it costs much less - about 20,500 rubles. On a bicycle, you can descend under the water by 12-15 meters and accelerate to 7 km / h. Its creators, brothers Alexey and Alexander Lukyanov, are engaged in shipbuilding in Yaroslavl, and now they also produce water bikes. You can swim on them not only under water, but also on the surface.

The designers promise that even an untrained swimmer will be able to overcome several kilometers on a SeaBike. And this will require no more energy consumption than walking on land.

Spin the pedals: 5 unusual and even strange bicycles

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The bike weighs 3.5 kilograms and is no more than 70 centimeters long. Made of durable materials that are resistant to corrosion in sea water - glass-filled polyamide and titanium alloy.

Speed ​​in water can only be gained by using the strength of the legs - using the pedals. They drive the propeller while keeping your hands free. Inflatable boards or spearfishing guns can also be attached to the SeaBike body.

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